Went to my tent, got norovirus AGAIN

I went to my tent today because it snowed a lot and I needed to brush the snow off the tent to keep it from collapsing. It had already partially collapsed, but the tent supports weren’t broken, so when I brushed it off, the tent stood up again. I went inside the tent at one point, and I also drank from the bottle of water that was in there. But just going in there, being in there, doing that, drinking from the bottle – I had replaced the bottle of water, gotten a brand new one, to avoid drinking from the one I drank from while sick – apparently, I drank from the new one and still put viruses onto it, too – because now I am struggling not to vomit. And I have to go to Minit Mart tomorrow morning. I cannot be up all night with the norovirus or the just-barely-norovirus again.

I can’t decontaminate the tent. I can only wait for warmer weather and hope that warmer temperatures make the viruses decay. I can’t replace everything or wash everything at the moment. Washing would suffice – wash the sleeping bags, throw away the gallon jugs of water. I don’t know how many objects in there have viruses on them. It wouldn’t be possible to clean everything thoroughly. I could only clean a few specific objects.

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