Ambient night sounds in hell

Kat listens to recordings of pleasant ambient sounds to fall asleep, like birds chirping, water, etc. She seems to most prefer the birds. Last night she asked if I wanted to listen to anything in particular. We tried listening to a "campfire and crickets" one but neither of us liked it – Kat said it was stressing her out for some reason, and I felt that it had too much high pitched noise.

This led to a joking discussion of how I didn’t really care what we listened to, as long as it wasn’t "highway noise" or something. We thought of one terrible ambient noise after another – "city slums", honking horns and sirens, murders in the city, etc.

As I went to sleep, I went on to think of more terrible ambient soundtracks you would get to choose from, as I imagined a comedy about being in hell. You can choose "road construction" (with jackhammers), gunshots and arguments, drug deals gone sour, gang wars, noisy neighbors through the wall, crying babies, cars playing loud rap music, the Taos Hum ("Humming? That sounds like it might be nice!"), factory machines, violently coughing roommates, low frequency fans, frat parties….

So this comedy about living in hell, where someone provides you with your nightly ambient sound recordings, would have to have a liberation theme and turn into a serious movie, where they escape from hell.

I actually fantasized many years ago about making a movie where they escape from heaven, because I don’t like the popular descriptions of heaven and the Christian god. But I would rather be reincarnated. I don’t want to live only one time.


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