Still at Kat’s apartment. Going to a job interview at 3:00. Trying to collect UFO videos.

I am on one of my UFO/alien obsessive kicks. I don’t know how long it will last. I go for a couple days obsessing over UFOs and then I move on to other things. This time, I was trying to do google searches that were very narrow in their time range, so that I would be able to see all of the results, instead of having 100,000 results that were all spam with maybe a couple real things mixed in there.

I was looking for firsthand UFO sightings, which would be amateur videos, bad quality, images of objects that might possibly just be an ordinary plane, since I can’t see them well enough to identify them – but that is why they are called ‘unidentified’ flying objects. They’re unidentified. That doesn’t mean they are super-high-tech crafts containing extraterrestrial nonhuman species. It just means they’re something.

I ended up collecting a lot of videos that didn’t meet my criteria, because they were not from the original sources. There are lots of compilations and documentaries. These are being pumped out at top speed by millions of people whose goal seems to be to prevent us from finding a single firsthand video made by the person who saw it themselves. You just can’t find any videos at all that come from the original photographers who saw it themselves. All of them have been collected and added to compilations, and processed somehow. I don’t know where these compilations are getting their original material.

However, the good thing that came out of this search was I saw footage I hadn’t seen before. At least it wasn’t the same old recycled two or three familiar videos that all come up again and again. I also saw things from other countries. It seems like it’s more possible to find things from other countries than from the USA. It’s slightly less censored. It’s still censored, just not as thoroughly.

I have to get ready to go to this job interview. It’s just a gas station job, but it will at least earn a small income for me in the short run.

In the longer run, I am very, very serious about making an attempt to go to a vocational school and get some kind of degree, with the goal of going out right away and getting a job in that field, while at the same time having not very much debt at all.

Vocational schools are less expensive, more locally focused, more aware of what employers need, and more likely to lead directly to a real job, although you yourself still have to make some effort to go hunt for that job, which is not easy, but it’s much easier to find a job after vocational school than it is to find a job in ‘Ancient Roman Symbolic Bathtub Engravings’ or some other weird major that they teach in normal universities, and charge you $100,000 for.

It is not going to be easy for me to take this risk or make this decision, and it won’t be easy for me to get to the school,
physically. I will need to find a ride there. If I took the bus to Bellefonte and then rode my bike a long way, or else called a cab after taking the bus to Bellefonte, or something, that would get me there but with difficulty or expense, but I would choose to accept those difficulties and expenses. I would need to try that bike ride, to test it, to find out if it was possible to do. I don’t know how long it is. It might be way too long and I might have to find some other method.

I also can’t be sure that I will be able to continue my studies all the way to the end, so I might be stuck with debt that I can’t pay while working as a dishwasher because I never got a degree in the field I was studying, due to some disaster that forced me to drop out or fail all my classes.

But first… a gas station job to give me some minimal income for now…. that’s assuming I get hired. I should go take a shower and get ready.

I’m still at Kat’s house and settling in, and I’ve even gotten used to sleeping on the hard floor, although it’s still not as comfortable as the gigantic cushioned cocoon that I sleep in at the tent.

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