Grr. Another socionic retyping incident.

A few years ago I was trying to figure out the personality type of Jon Rappoport the blogger/journalist/speaker, and he got typed by ‘the voices’ (that I hear in my head – mind control) who don’t always type people correctly – they seem to love causing chaos, misunderstandings, misperceptions, and the malfunctioning of the entire system of personality types. I’ve had lots of incidents of being tricked into believing somebody was one particular type when they were not. It makes it impossible to actually *use* the socionic system. That is why I really want an EEG typing device and method like Dario Nardi uses (although that wouldn’t help for typing people at a distance by reading and watching them). So anyway, for some reason they typed him as a SLE (ESTP), but today, retyped him as an ILI (INTP) after I watched a youtube video where he was giving a speech. It’s very annoying to have my perception altered by the mind controllers whenever I attempt to use socionics to understand people.


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