The weird thing is, I might have just seen a Herxheimer reaction from drinking the ‘Cold Care’ tea that Kat gave me. TICK BITES

I got hives from drinking the Cold Care tea (with unknown ingredients, most likely echinacea, and actually, she did offer me echinacea tea explicitly and I can’t remember if that’s what I drank or not).

The particular locations of the hives were significant and very unusual. The first hive that I noticed was AT THE TOP OF MY NIPPLE. Oh my god. I just understood this. I also have a weird dot on the underside of my left forearm.



The tick bites. I had two deer ticks that bit me, or three. How many was it? There was one that bit me next to my groin. It was, for some reason, easy to remove and didn’t leave much irritation. There was one that attached up above my right nipple, and it was very hard to remove and it left a lot of irritation.

Then there was one that attached to the left forearm, on the underside of the wrist, like halfway between the wrist and elbow, in a bizarre location where ticks normally wouldn’t go. I remember that I was in the sleeping bag, in the middle of the night, and I scratched an itch on my arm without thinking about it, and the itch suddenly became agonizingly painful when I scratched it because I scratched the tick, which was still attached. The tick was buried so deeply into my skin there I think I had to destroy it to get it out. It would not, or could not, let go. I think I ripped its mouth off and then had to dig that out of the skin. It was horrible, painful, and disgusting.

I knew from prior experience that deer tick bites would leave an extremely long lasting red dot, which lasted many months or an entire year. It would vanish for a while, then reappear, then vanish again, and finally, after a few years, I don’t think I’m seeing it anymore. I can’t quite remember exactly where it was, but I think I had one on my lower right abdomen above the waist, and I can’t find that one anymore. That was the oldest one from years ago.

But the nipple and wrist tick bites were recent, from only a couple months ago. They are still ‘alive’ in some way. They’re still infected with their Lyme disease, but since I haven’t gotten vaccinated, I have no Lyme disease symptoms. I read somewhere, and I believe it, that there is a strong correlation between being an asymptomatic carrier of Lyme disease, if you are NOT vaccinated, versus being a symptomatic sufferer of Lyme disease AFTER being vaccinated. As in, you’ll be just fine so long as you resist the urge to get vaccinated, but once you go get vaccinated, suddenly you’ve got symptoms that you didn’t have before.

This is a total vaccine failure – and they’d probably pass it off as a ‘Herxheimer Reaction!!!!’ Oh my gosh. I can totally hear it now. ‘Well, the reason why you are having such horrible symptoms after getting vaccinated for Lyme disease because of your tick bite is because the vaccine is doing its job! All those horrible Lyme disease symptoms that you’re experiencing are just bacterial die-offs and toxins from the broken down bacterial proteins and cell contents. You should be HAPPY that you’re having these symptoms!’

So, I haven’t been vaccinated for Lyme disease, and I’ve been bitten by several deer ticks over the years, and each time, have had a very annoying bite mark that lasted for almost an entire year, appearing and disappearing – but yet, no other noticeable symptoms except that. I don’t have overall whole-body symptoms resembling Lyme disease.

(I’ve always got my mild chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivity, which is indeed something I want to try to cure someday, and have indeed read about possible cures for, such as liver flushing, which is dangerous, difficult, and uncomfortable.)

Also, I could be saying the wrong thing. Is Lyme disease bacterial or viral? I have no idea and don’t really care, because I’m not concerned about it and never bothered to research it.

Anyway, what was I saying?

The particular locations that got extremely inflamed and turned into gigantic mountainous itchy hives were two specific locations, the location of the red dot on my arm – which I had forgotten was the tick bite!!! – and the spot just above my right nipple, which, once again, I had also forgotten was another tick bite. I didn’t notice anything in the groin area where I had the less-painful, easier-to-remove tick bite. It barely gave me any symptoms or even a dot from the beginning.

Well, what does this MEAN exactly? Does it mean that the Cold Care tea or echinacea or whatever she gave me is ‘doing something’ to kill the bacteria? Or is it simply adding inflammation to an area that already has a tendency to become inflamed because there is indeed something living there, some kind of germ? Could it possibly be a real herxheimer effect? Could it be killing the bacteria from my Lyme disease (which was asymptomatic and which I wasn’t concerned about), which is why I had a huge welt and a gigantic red blotch all around those tick bites?

I also had some welts elsewhere, but I don’t remember where they were, in random places, but now that I realized those were tick bites, it makes me wonder now, what were the other locations where I had welts? Is there any significance to those locations?

This is just very interesting. That annoying and mysterious tea, which I drank trustingly, not expecting to have any effects at all, actually DID SOMETHING TO ME, and I don’t know exactly what it did, but it definitely did something and it was something unexpected and unanticipated.

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