I’m less grouchy – it was the leftover tobacco smoke from Chris’s house. But I’m ungrateful for the echinacea tea because it gave me gigantic hives. Rant about people claiming olive leaf is a cure for everything.

Kat asked me to stay for several days, because her boyfriend is out of town. That’s why I’m still here. I’m less grouchy and ungrateful this morning, and I’m sure it’s because I’ve taken a couple showers now and I no longer have the tobacco smoke on my skin from Chris’s house. She doesn’t smoke inside so I’m not getting any smoke here. I also washed some of my laundry, but not all of it yet, last night.

She was worried about me because I had been saying I was sick. I had actually been sick repeatedly, every day recatching the stomach virus so that I could not eat. It was probably because I drooled stomach viruses all over my pillows and sleeping bag or something. Something unsanitary at the tent was causing it. I replaced my gallon jug of bottled water to make sure I wasn’t getting it by drinking out of that bottle, but it still came back. It might be coming from the bathroom at the laundromat, too. Sometimes people have vomited into the sink there, and that doesn’t wash out, so it remains there fumigating the place with vomit viruses. I wash my hair in the sink and so I would get my face close to where the vomit is. It’s disgusting. I could smell it coming from that backup drain, the overflow drain thing. Now that I’m in a normal shower this isn’t happening. So I am not catching a stomach virus over and over every day.

But Kat didn’t know that I was mostly having a stomach virus and that there was some specific cause for it. So, to be nice, she gave me a cup of herbal tea which was called ‘Cold Care’ or something like that. I assume it had echinacea in it, but I didn’t look at the ingredients.

Colds are something that I just ignore. I don’t take any medicine for them at all, neither conventional nor herbal medicine. They are so trivial, and they quickly go away on their own, that there is simply no need to treat them with anything at all.

So, I have never attempted to use echinacea to cure or prevent a cold. I have no opinion about whether it works or not, and I don’t really care. This is like getting surgery because you have a hangnail. It’s trivial and pointless. The only things that really need treating are things like this goddamn STD which never goes away even though I’ve had it for weeks and weeks. If I had tons of money right now, I’d be spending it to buy every herbal treatment in the entire store to see if anything was an effective antibiotic able to treat an STD, except I don’t know for sure which STD I have. But I don’t have the money for that.

Also, I get the impression that if you are going to use herbs to treat a really serious disease, you have to use dangerous, difficult, or unpleasant amounts of them. Using it at a harmless low dose is not going to permanently kill all the bacteria forever. It might just make them unhappy for a little while, and then they go back to normal. You have to eat so much of an herb that you yourself are deathly sick. It’s just like regular antibiotics. They make you sick too. I’m just assuming this because I’ve never had the opportunity to try to use herbs to cure an infection.

It costs so much money to try hundreds of different herbs. There is absolutely no decent reliable information anywhere that tells you which herbs are ACTUALLY EFFECTIVE. They have millions of herbs that are a TEENSY BIT effective, maybe at toxic doses. I get the impression from reading about herbs that every single herb in the universe is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer. Basically, just always eat herbs all day long and you’ll never get sick. But that’s not the same as having some kind of aggressive nasty infection that’s really strong and that refuses to go away, the type of thing that antibiotics are legitimately used for. I need to know what kind of herbs can treat *that*.

So, before I forget, let me tell what happened with the Cold Care tea. It didn’t happen immediately. It happened the NEXT DAY. I broke out all of a sudden in these ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC WELTS that itched like crazy. It looked like the welt I got the time when I was stung by a bumblebee when a neighbor was spraying their nest. There were these giant mountains of red itchy skin surrounded by a huge blotchy red spot, in several strange and random places all over my body.

The reason I guessed it was because of the tea was because I had previous experience with some kind of herbal flower giving me a mild allergic reaction. If I recall, I think it might have been chamomile. I was going to try to plant and grow my own chamomile, but when I handled the seeds, they made me feel like I was gong to sneeze, or something like that. I remember sneezing. It was bad enough that I decided I probably shouldn’t be trying to eat fresh chamomile. This isn’t just an ‘allergy.’ It’s the result of some substance that is inside the pollen, something that resembles histamine. It’s like inhaling a bunch of the hormone that causes your body to behave like it’s having an allergic reaction.

Echinacea is similar. Websites claim it is an antihistamine, but if it causes so many allergic reactions in people, I doubt it. I googled it to see if other people were getting rashes and hives from it, and, bingo, they do, and some people were unlucky enough to have
anaphylactic shock.

I’m starting to sound like I’m an advocate for mainstream medicine, lately. I’m not. It is not that simple. If I was going to be anything, I would have to be called an advocate of ‘complementary medicine,’ and I sometimes pretend that the alternative/holistic medicine is the main one, and the mainstream medicine is the complementary one. So, for example, your mainstream treatment is to eat a healthy diet all the time, but if something really bad happens to you, you might need ‘complementary medicine,’ which means, to go to the emergency room and get an IV and some diagnostic tests done. So I like to switch which one is referred to as complementary.

I was going to say something about the web page that was either an alleged herpes cure or cancer cure. I can’t remember which one it was. I took notes on it and could go look at them again. I wanted to complain about something.

It was a long list of alternative treatments and protocols that supposedly would work to cure this. I should go look again to see if it was cancer or herpes they were claiming to be able to cure. I just remember that one of the protocols was something notorious which I wanted to complain about. OLIVE LEAF.

Somebody somewhere decided sometime that olive leaf was a miracle cure for every single disease that exists. It’s one of the antiviral antifungal antibacterial anticancer antioxidant thingamajigs, they say. I do not know who is responsible for deciding to make this claim. For example, I can point my finger at Dr. Jerry McLaughlin and say that he is the primary person responsible for claiming that pawpaw twigs can be used as chemotherapy. So if I want to know his motives, or how he did his research, I can connect this information with him and I can go find out. With the ‘olive leaf cures everything’ claim, I have no idea who is responsible for making that claim and what sort of research they are doing. Out of all the ten million random herbs on the planet, why did somebody somewhere suddenly decide that olive leaf cures everything?

The people who are claiming this on their websites are failing to mention one extremely important PRIMARY EFFECT of olive leaf. It is not a mere side effect. It is THE effect. It’s like saying you can take tylenol to cure warts, without even mentioning that tylenol is used as a painkiller. Or something. (I would not want to take tylenol for anything at all. It causes liver failure. It might also be associated with autism – I’m trying to remember which painkiller and fever reducer was connected to autism – people would vaccinate their kids, then give them this over-the-counter pill to reduce the fever created by the vaccines, and if they did that, it had a strong connection to which kids got autism and which ones didn’t.
Acetaminophen – whichever one that is.)

So, olive leaf CAUSES YOU TO HAVE AN ORGASM. It causes masturbation and orgasm. That is its primary effect. If you advocate that people take very high doses of olive leaf several times a day, every day for an entire year, to cure some particular disease, whichever disease it was, and you DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO MENTION that it’s going to cause them to have orgasms, this is UNETHICAL. If someone is unethical enough to fail to mention that it causes orgasms, then how can I trust them to tell the truth about whether this ‘cure’ actually works? Why should I believe anything they say at all? I should go find this web page again and put a link to it.

Olive leaf also causes a binge-and-purge effect. It causes you to desire to expand the stomach, if you eat the olive leaf pill.

Why did they choose that particular herb for this cure, out of millions of other possible herbs? Well, if I’m talking about pawpaws for cancer, I can, once again, read about how Dr. McLaughlin did a research project and he analyzed thousands of chemicals and decided pawpaw was the best. But did anybody do anything like that with olive leaf, or did somebody arbitrarily decide at random that olive leaf was a great thing to use for curing diseases, without comparing it to any alternatives? Because if you are going to have this extreme and annoying side effect – no, not everybody finds this enjoyable – it becomes very sickening and unpleasant to have this sensation more frequently than you want to have it – then you’d rather have some other alternative herb instead, and you’d want to be DAMN SURE that it was going to be EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE if you were choosing to tolerate this extremely annoying side effect.

Olive leaf’s use is very helpful for those times when you choose to use it for that purpose, but if you don’t want it for that particular purpose, then it’s a huge nuisance to be having this reaction at an inconvenient time when you don’t choose to. It becomes an unwanted side effect that is unrelated to the condition you are trying to treat, if you really do attempt to follow this protocol to allegedly cure this disease (cancer/herpes/whichever).

I question the motives of whoever decided to start spreading this information. And the people who are innocently repeating it are people who haven’t ever used olive leaf themselves and have no idea what it does. And if they do know what it does, they haven’t tried themselves to use very high doses several times a day every day for an entire year. The ‘joke’ of how that would cure herpes is, it would make you do nothing but masturbate so that you would never want to go have sex with another human being again, which is why I suspect that this ‘joke’ or ‘prank’ was done deliberately by whoever started this idea. I don’t find it funny.

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