Oh, terrible timing.

For some reason, I decided to do the Home Instead interview on Thursday, which is the same day that the one place is open for free STD testing. I guess I could go to the campus and buy a test for $30, too. I saw it advertised on the bus. I might still have $30. However, I will still have to get a prescription for antibiotics. That’s assuming I have something that can be treated with antibiotics. I just unfortunately had an opportunity to have sex with somebody, right during a time when I felt hormonally ready to do so, and was happy to do it, but had to say no and had to struggle to explain why I couldn’t do it and why I had to wait. I don’t want to take the chance of making him wear a condom, because I don’t believe a condom is sufficient to protect him. I also don’t happen to be carrying any condoms at the moment. It was someone from the past, from a previous job…. I stupidly decided to do the Home Instead interview and postponed going to the testing place.  I couldn’t do two errands in one day.  I should have done the Friday interview.  They offered me the chance to go on Friday, but I was like ‘NOPE, THURSDAY, SO THAT I CAN POSTPONE SOMETHING EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING WEEKS AND WEEKS TO DO.’

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