Trump’s hair; mainstream news mentions drug side effects when it suits them

I spent the night on the couch at Chris and Mike’s house last night, after going over there to visit Jacob (my cat, who is spending the winter there instead of camping with me). So, when I got up this morning, I watched a little TV, mostly to see what the weather was going to do.

Everyone has always commented about Trump’s hair. Well, it was on the news this morning. They asked someone about it, his hairdresser or somebody, and they were informed that he uses Propecia, a drug for hair loss. Then, they started talking about the side effects of the drug, and making fun of Trump’s sniffle. They were all imitating his sniffle, which I never noticed before (but then, I don’t watch much TV so I don’t see Trump actually moving and talking, I just read about it). They said runny nose was a possible side effect of Propecia, along with loss of libido and other side effects. I got the impression that Trump’s hairdresser was not happy about being asked to talk to the news, and that he was supposed to keep quiet about this. They must have pestered him.

I saw Chris and spent a little bit of time with him. I sat with him while he looked through the jobs on Craigslist. There is this thing he does, which is sort of – I just forgot the word I was looking for. Sort of cute, or charming, or something that makes me feel
affectionate, but there was a specific word. Endearing? He looks through the jobs and asks me to read them for him, and asks if he should call them on the phone, and he does make a few phone calls, although it is always at the worst possible time, and he doesn’t like leaving messages and getting calls back, partly because he’s using his computer to make calls and it’s hard to receive calls that way unless you sit in your bedroom all day long waiting for a phone call. (Hey! He needs an Obamaphone!)

Then, he wants me to apply at the same place with him. He wants us to work together. Jesse used to do the same thing – he wanted us to be together and to work the same shift at the same job, but this was very hard to do, because the managers don’t normally just give you whatever schedule you want with whoever you want to be with. Workplaces are not designed to be a happy, enjoyable place where you get to hang out with cool people you want to be with.

I spent a little while doing this process with him, just kind of watching from beside him and agreeing with everything he said, with only a few exceptions (‘I don’t think I could do sales calls…’). I felt like I was being dragged along. He makes these extremely rapid decisions. ‘Hey, do you want to do
this?OKAY-WE’RE-DOING-THIS-RIGHT-NOW’ kind of thing. I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, I’m not ready, are we making a decision about something???’ We’re suddenly making a phone call to a place that I haven’t committed myself to working for. I kind of enjoy this, and kind of find it exhausting at the same time.

He was slightly less crazy than usual, which, sadly, probably means that he’s taking all of his prescribed medications. I do NOT believe his meds are good or necessary; however, he has a tendency to just randomly stop taking them, and when you go into withdrawal from extremely toxic psychiatric meds, without any tapering off or any preparation or planning or control over the process, then you randomly go through phases of being unpredictable and crazy. I believe if he completely withdrew from all of them – carefully and deliberately, with support from all the people around him who would watch out for unusual mood changes or anything dangerous – then he’d be better off, although he might have the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome.

I have seen his Tourette’s, back when I worked with him at Weis Market where I first met him, and then, a few weeks ago when I was at his house. When he worked at Weis, he would walk around mumbling things, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying, and when I asked him, he would say I didn’t want to know – it would be a bunch of curse words, the n-word, and so on. The time when he did it a few weeks ago, I was sleeping on the couch, and he was walking into the kitchen at night, and he made a sudden, unexpected bark or hiccup noise, just a loud ‘IP!’ for no reason. It was a very unusual noise. I believe these are actually caused by electronic attacks, but they interact with a real brain problem, which is probably chronic seizures caused by vaccines – that’s my theory. I have something similar but it doesn’t cause outwardly visible behaviors.

Yesterday I went to a job interview at Home Instead. The lady who interviewed me was an ESFJ. I don’t think I will be able to do the job because I got the impression that having a car and being able to travel around was extremely important, and they frequently had this problem of people applying there who had no transportation, usually because they were students, and so they weren’t able to use them. So I have to apply to other places.

3 Responses to “Trump’s hair; mainstream news mentions drug side effects when it suits them”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    “Reproductive biology and medicine of domestic and exotic carnivores” by IVIS:

    Early Age Spay and Neuter in the Cat:

    The first paper show some negative health effects of castrations and spays on cats. These effects include inability to extrude the penis completely in tomcats (no male cat that was neutered as a 7 week old kitten was able to extrude his penis), as well as increasing the risk of developing Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), delayed physeal closure (this is most obvious in male cats), spontaneous femoral capital physeal fractures, increased risk of obesity (3.4 fold), and increased risk of diabetes (2-9 fold) in male and female cats.

    The second paper shows many of the same things but focuses on cats. It goes into detail about gonadectomys’ (spays’ and castrations’) effects on physeal cartilage maturation and the distal radial physis (In cats, it normally closes at 14-20 months, after puberty for cats), as well as external genitalia maturation. For example, the external genitals of castrated male and spayed female cats is infantile compared to that of their intact counterparts.


    Here is a funny little website on the ethics and evils of castrations and spays. It mentions the ethical difference between killing animals for food (lived with a great quality of life, if pastured or grass-fed, and killed swiftly and ethically) and neutering animals (eunuch, with a lower quality of life, for the rest of its life).

  2. Nicole Says:

    It took me a while to get back to this and take a look at it. One interesting thing that caught my attention was, they said they could inject zinc gluconate into the testicles of male dogs, and it would make them infertile without reducing their territorial behavior – and the result was, these dogs would continue to protect their territory against foreign, fertile dogs migrating in. They had noticed that even if some animals were neutered, other fertile animals would migrate into the territory and impregnate the females there, without any competition from the neutered males. It was also interesting that they said in spite of all the spay-neuter programs going on, the animal populations kept increasing anyway, although perhaps not as quickly as they otherwise might have. (I’m not finished reading it yet.)

  3. Nicole Says:

    If only people would see that last image on the page, (, where the dog is lying on its back with its feet tied down and a tube in its mouth, maybe they would reconsider this operation, just because of the horror of that image. Opponents of circumcision also do this, showing people a video of a baby being circumcised – the reality of it makes it obvious that all of it is a huge lie, the idea of ‘Oh, it’s just a quick simple painless procedure! No big deal!’

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