Reading about financial aid; I’m overwhelmed and have to take a break; I want to live on-campus at a vo-tech school, but I don’t know of any vo-tech schools that have dorms

I promised myself I would at least read about this for approximately two hours. It hasn’t quite been two hours yet, but I did the best I could. My attention is drifting. I start opening up web page after web page, tab after tab, and drift away from whatever I was
researching. I have to answer specific questions, but after a while, I start to forget what those specific questions were.

I wrote them down in a notepad file. I found a couple of really good articles about my issues.

Wow, that was a really long URL. Anyway, I liked that article. I’m not saying it was a work of genius, I’m just saying I liked it.

What I really want are totally nontraditional teaching methods. I want them to GET RESULTS so that you have PRACTICAL SKILLS that are needed in the workplace. I don’t want to sit around listening to a lecture.

I was looking into the vocational school, and I like the way they talk. “At CPI, we can train you for a rewarding career in an occupation that is in demand and that pays a family-sustaining wage. Our training programs are also geared towards occupations that are unlikely to be outsourced to other countries (such as transportation, heavy construction, healthcare, etc…), so you can be comfortable that the skills and certifications that you earn at CPI will provide you local employment opportunities for years to come.” They’re actually acknowledging that these issues exist. Normal colleges, on the other hand, have absolutely no connection whatsoever to
employment. You can get a degree in any strange esoteric thing but there is no job anywhere that will pay you to do that, so you become a waitress instead, and then pay off your college loan on a waitress’s salary.

Unlikely to be outsourced to other countries: yes, this is an issue! I like it that they are talking about this issue. This is also something I like about Trump, talking about real life issues that are important to me. (Note, it’s possible I will hate Trump somewhere along the way, maybe in his 6th or 7th year in office, but as of right now I still kind of like him.)

Here are my notes. Then I just got overwhelmed and started drifting and mentally blurring and not really answering any questions anymore, so it’s time to take a break, get something to eat… Basically, I just want to find a way to get my housing and food paid for while I go to college, so that I won’t have to have a full time job 80 hours a week and simultaneously go to school, but I don’t want to go to a normal 4 year college, I just want to go to a vo-tech school or community college, and they don’t normally have housing, no dorm rooms at the vo-tech schools. BUT I WANT THEM THERE. BUT THEY’RE NOT. I want to live on campus at the vo-tech school. I want to live there for the rest of my life and just keep taking every single course they offer until I have done every single one and have gotten a degree in every single skill that exists.

I probably should go get something to eat.

what community colleges or vocational schools also give room and board? do they exist?

what financial aid is available for people over 40? i’m not a student. ‘non traditional student grants’

grants that provide room and board during school even if room and board isn’t on campus

which type of loans are the ‘bad’ kind, the ones where you have to pay them back or go to jail, and they make your life a living hell, and you can’t even borrow money for a house or car while your student loan is unpaid? what other kinds of loans are more ‘benign?’

scholarships for technical school

‘federal student assistance programs’ – are those the bad kind of student loans?

pell grants

federal supplemental educational opportunity grants (FSEOG)

scholarships can come from 1.organizations, and 2.educational foundations, that support specific career programs

so if you know which ‘career program’ you want, and then go look for organizations and educational foundations that support that specific career program, you can find scholarships for it

i want to go to trade school full time, live in a campus, eat food on the campus, pay it all back afterwards and not work at a job during that time.

financial aid might only be geared to full time students

state aid must cover summer tuition

adult students need a ‘degree audit,’ the roadmap of exactly which courses you need, how long it will take to finish, and much it is going to cost.

‘prior learning assessment’ is a science. measurement tools. sounds interesting. this is to see how much you know from experience and from jobs.

Lumina, Joyce, and Kresge Foundations joined together to fund a nationwide center to assess prior learning.

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, does assessments of prior learning

adult students are not as tolerant of the ‘lecture style’ classes. AMEN!!! they are bullshit. ‘they have experiences and they want to talk about them.’ that’s not how I describe it. i say that lecture style classes don’t teach you anything useful. i want hands on classes where i learn a tangible skill.

adult students learn differently. they don’t just memorize. they have a context and apply it. they ask more questions. they challenge issues in the classroom. they have an experiential focus


university of north carolina-charlotte is an example of a place that has good programs for adult students. ‘office of adult students and evening services’

USF4YOU, university of south florida

brian bosworth says ‘time to degree’ needs to be shortened by means of ‘block scheduling.’ what is that?

student support services should be embedded directly into the courses they are taking, instead of being offered elsewhere in a separate office.

educational content needs to be tied directly to needs of the labor market, with far greater engagement of employers, shaping the competencies required and developing the soft skills appropriate to their educational needs and to the economy. ‘soft skills’ must be things like people skills or job-related skills that are not taught in classrooms.

what is ‘block scheduling?’

what if a scholarship paid for you to live off campus, paid your rent and food costs but wasn’t on campus “room and board” “living expenses”

college grants do not have restrictions – apparently they just give you a bunch of money. so grants can be used to pay for room and board.

college housing grants

grants are administered by your school’s financial aid office, so they apply them directly to your housing costs if necessary.

FAFSA student aid request (but this sounds like something only for traditional students)

campus-specific housing grants
– ask your financial aid advisor

‘qualified recipients’ can get financial aid from CPI, central pennsylvania institute of technology

pell grant
PA-TIP for PA residents ‘targeted industry program’

IRS data retrieval tool helps you transfer your tax return info directly to the financial aid people or something, so it makes it easier. only to FAFSA.

PA-TIP gives aid to these industries:
Advanced Materials and Diversified Manufacturing
Agriculture and Food Production

PA-TIP provides need-based awards (huh? i have needs. does that mean i qualify?) up to the equivalent of the maximum state grant award (what? why is there a ‘maximum award?’) which is currently $4378. why is that so pathetically small? do i have to get the grant every single year, every single semester, or can i only get it once? do i have to apply for these grants every single semester, or can i get the whole thing set up in advance for all my future semesters? do you have to successfully complete one semester before they give you another grant for the next semester?

PA-TIP provides either $4378, or else 75% of the student’s direct educational costs (what are ‘indirect costs’ then?) after gift aid (what’s that???) and employers aid (what’s that?), whichever is less. so you get this gift aid first, and employers aid first, and then, have this remainder, and this PA-TIP can pay 75% of that remainder. they’ll pay whichever is less, which sucks. that can pay tuition, books, fees, supplies, and specific living expenses (which ones?).

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    Faster, faster, don’t stop!


    Frequency fire miles…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    if you need a movie here is one that will disturb you!


  3. Nicole Says:

    Wow, the Schumann resonance? What the heck? With all my electrosensitivity and everything, I didn’t even feel the slightest thing that was unusual. I didn’t even feel like time was speeding up, and I *have* actually felt that sensation before, but not at the moment. The only thing I’ve had going on is I’ve been a little bit sick repeatedly over several days, but there has been a stomach virus going around, so I attributed it to that. Maybe it’s the resonance instead.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Uh-oh, I clicked that and it said the movie was no longer available.

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