There’s also a lymphatic drain which is clogged

The pain in my neck is the lymph nodes. I am having a herpes outbreak below my right lip. The noodles might be viruses in the clogged lymph. Stefan gave me a new kind of herpes that I didn’t have before. I had the milder version before. The new one is extremely aggressive and it inflames nearby lymph nodes. It hurts my neck so badly I can barely move my neck. I am also repeatedly catching a stomach virus again and again, like I did the one year when the swine flu was going around. I called it the swine norovirus. It behaved exactly like a norovirus and was inhaled after someone vomited, but I could not get resistance to it, just like a normal norovirus. I caught it repeatedly for months and nearly starved. Someone threw up in the bathroom where I worked, a couple times a week every week for months, and I would re-catch the swine norovirus after starting to get better. This virus caused fainting. I did not outright faint, but felt like I was going to, and I know other people who did faint from it. It behaved like a severe norovirus, caused fainting, and could not be resisted by my immune system no matter how many times I caught it in a row. It was not a “flu.” I lost like fifteen pounds over a few months because I could only eat food about one day each week before I caught the swine norovirus again. So I’m recatching a norovirus now, triggering cold sores, and hoping I can eat again soon. Someone else on Facebook was vomiting the other day, so I know a virus is going around. Anyway, the objects in the dream also looked like curled up viruses. But, like I said, they’re not going to tell us anything we don’t already know or anything about who they themselves are.

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