The Dreams: Having faith in trolls will never work

Because I blogged about my dream yesterday, they decided to give me another noticeable, memorable dream today. But the title of this post was “having faith in trolls will never work.” These people are not going to start providing me with any meaningful or informative content in my dreams, no matter how dutifully I describe what they are showing me. I can blog my dream every day but it will never reveal any important or useful or interesting information, nor will it reveal any clues about who is controlling my dreams, or where these people are located, or why they are doing this. It will be nothing but sociopathic troll entertainment every day forever and nothing but that. You cannot develop a trusting bond with a troll. They are NEVER going to do anything helpful that would undermine whatever deal they themselves have going on. Someone is paying them to do this. They are not going to reveal anything that would threaten their own income. The dream tonight – once again I don’t remember much except the final image. I was walking around outdoors and, of course, there was mud. There was also what seemed to be an overflowing or clogged drain. It was dark outside, but dim, not daylight but not night. In the water pooling around the drain, there were thousands of small objects that were beige colored and looked almost like wadded up socks, or thick noodles, similar to the “ho fun” noodles I bought the other day, so maybe it’s a verbal joke. They also looked like penises, small penises chopped off, or foreskins. I really am not sure what they were, but they were organic looking, all similar shapes, floating in this brown clogged water. I was doing other things too, and maybe it was inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I watched yesterday. I felt like I was in a large hotel or building doing maintenance. I just don’t recall the earlier stuff in the dream. I feel like I was taking care of babies. But the babies were not normal – probably old people. Jews?

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