I might have epstein-barr virus, but did I get it from Mom or Stefan?

I already got an aggressive herpes virus from Stefan, along with whatever other diseases I got (and I still need to go get tested and get antibiotics, but that project was interrupted by having to go to WV and visit with Mom – I am back on that project now and will try to go in for testing soon). It was a different herpes virus than whatever I already had, which was milder. It appeared in the location where we had physical sexual contact at first, which was on part of my upper inner thighs. It made an extremely terrible rash which leaked a lot of fluid, in addition to the huge amount of fluid coming out of my vagina. That was what caused me to have an extremely inflamed lymph node in my groin, which I thought was a hernia at first, and I found out it was only a lymph node when I went to the emergency room for it.

But after coming back from WV, I now have an additional swollen lymph node. It’s on my neck, on the right side, under my throat, making it extremely painful to turn my head, swallow, or sneeze. I can swallow a little better today though. It’s associated with a tiny pimple on my chin below the right side of my mouth, which didn’t turn into a huge bunch of blisters, just one small blister, and I can tell by the way it feels that it’s a herpes blister.

I am having intermittent bouts of feelings of weakness, which is unusual and which is not the same as my usual fatigue. It’s a different sensation.

I am reading about viruses now, and about the herpes virus, and I’m wondering if I have the Epstein-Barr version of herpes. I don’t know. It matches my symptoms: “when EBV is contracted as an adult it may cause fatigue, fever, inflamed throat, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, enlarged spleen, swollen liver, or rash.[11]”

The doctor who examined my groin lymph node also told me my spleen was swollen. That was before I went to WV, so I know it’s from Stefan. I feel as though my liver is swollen now too. I have felt several times like I am extremely, unbearably cold, even on days and nights when it’s relatively warm outside, and I was desperate to get my bed warmed up as fast as possible, so I probably had a fever and was trying to increase my temperature. I allow and encourage fevers and don’t believe they are harmful. I never do anything to try to reduce them. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a bad fever. I question the idea that fever causes brain damage. I could be wrong, but I suspect that the brain damage has some other cause, and the fever is good for you.

This virus is also associated with cancer. However, this virus, and other herpes viruses, are so common in the population that they do not simply outright CAUSE cancer. They have some association. Some kind of conditions have to exist in order for it to be cancerous.

I want to understand the connection between cancer and viruses or microbes. There has to be a way to cure cancer permanently, not just put it into ‘remission,’ and it will probably happen when we cure the viruses that cause it permanently, getting rid of them and not allowing them to remain dormant in our cells. I don’t have enough information about how viruses work, and it differs depending on the virus.

The only reason I thought I could have gotten some other virus from Mom is because my new symptoms seem to have started after going to WV. I didn’t have the lymph nodes in my neck swollen at that time, and I didn’t have the sensations of weakness yet. Those are new. It may just be a continuation of my battle with this first new outbreak of a new kind of herpes from Stefan, and this outbreak/battle might go on for a few months until my body gets it figured out.

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