I finished filling out a job application!!! WOOHOOOO!

Actually, it was a surprisingly easy job application. They didn’t ask for a whole lot of information that job applications usually ask for. It looked like it was going to be a whole ton of stuff because there were five ‘steps’ on the website, where you would have to click ‘go to next step,’ but the last three steps were just reading a consent form and then digitally signing it.

I saw somewhere that home caregivers can get $10 to $17 an hour. If I even get so much as $10 it will be a step up from where I have been. I don’t remember which page I read that on and don’t know if it was the particular company I’m applying to.

I’ve been thinking of some ‘worst case scenarios’ for what my job might involve. I might end up spending an entire eight hour shift stuck in the house with a grouchy old person who wants to talk my ear off the entire time like I am their therapist. This is theoretically possible. And I won’t be allowed to escape. My job is to sit there and endure the onslaught. That would actually make my job rather difficult.

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