Coffee and stomach viruses made me look thinner temporarily

I had been stuck with this intractable belly fat since the middle of summer last year. I had some theories as to why that got there. It happened during a time when I was drinking energy drinks poisoned with sucralose, for instance.

Well, after drinking coffee again for several weeks (after having quit coffee for a few months), and now, after having a recurring stomach virus for the last couple days, that intractable belly fat seems to have been reduced. I don’t expect it to be gone for long – it will most likely reappear instantly as soon as I can eat again. I’d also like to not drink coffee forever, too, and it’s not easy to lose the belly fat without drinking coffee.

I’m not drinking green coffee bean extract, just normal coffee, but even so, coffee causes weight loss. It does this through several mechanisms – partly by acting as a food substitute (thereby causing malnutrition and preventing you from getting all the vitamins and minerals you need), making you less hungry, and also by altering your metabolism.

I do NOT advocate coffee as a health food. My teeth cavities got bad and painful again not long after drinking coffee, and my hip joints also got bad again, although not as bad as they were when I was also eating caffeine pills. Coffee causes mineral loss in your bones. I can only say that coffee is effective for helping you lose fat, if you’re willing to suffer malnutrition and bone loss also. If you drink nothing but coffee and just stop eating food, which is basically what I have done for the past week, then you will lose some fat.

I was so sick I couldn’t eat more than a couple bites of food at a time before I felt like I was going to throw up. I would buy food and then have to throw most of it away, which was very frustrating, and I can’t afford to do that because I’m buying food on my credit card. I don’t have an income yet, although, as I said in the previous post, I did finish my application, and I’m going to an interview there tomorrow.

Seeing and feeling that the belly fat has been reduced is a weird sensation. My abdomen has kind of a sick, unpleasant sensation. I feel like I’m hungry, but still hesitate to eat anything. I also feel like my liver is swollen, or something up in the upper right quadrant is swollen. Oh yeah, coffee also causes gallstones, if I recall correctly.

I wonder what happens to the contaminants that are locked inside your fat cells when you lose fat. Your body stuffs all the poisons into the fat to keep them isolated from your body so they stop poisoning you. This includes stuff like cadmium, I think, because cadmium is one of the heavy metals most likely to trigger lifelong obesity if you poison babies with it at the right age. So you’ve got cadmium and sucralose and other poisons stored inside your fat cells. When you burn up the fat, does the poison still stay inside those cells, or does it come out and start poisoning your body? Where does it go?

I wonder… can I make a trip over to visit my kitty cat Jacob? He hasn’t been happy to see me the last couple times, because he thinks I’m going to take him away. I don’t like doing that to him. I don’t want to move him from one place to another. I did it because I had to. If I do go over there tonight, maybe they will let me take a shower. I sort of feel like I need to eat something other than coffee before I go over there, though. I have this sensation that my abdomen is ‘too thin,’ and I’m slightly nauseated from drinking only coffee. I’m not hungry in the way that I should be – the sensation is wrong and uncomfortable. The belly fat is not actually gone, and it will reappear instantly as soon as I’m able to eat again. It’s just slightly shrunken.

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