Cancer viruses, pleomorphism (microorganisms changing forms); I’ve got this illness and it’s really annoying

I’ve been so sick for the past couple days that I can hardly do anything, even though I’ve been drinking coffee. I have this incredibly sore throat down the right side of my throat. It’s so sore that I can hardly open my mouth, if I try to open my mouth and look at the tonsil in the mirror. The tonsil looks normal – I don’t see white patches or anything on it. My neck is painful to the touch under the right side all the way down to the voice box.

I have a feeling of weakness in my muscles, and have been dropping things from my grip repeatedly – I think I’m holding something, but I’m not holding tightly enough and I drop it or toss it without meaning to.

I was so brain-fogged I could barely even think the other day. I stayed in bed all day long and ignored phone calls from two coworkers from Maki Yaki, although I did end up calling them back and getting in touch with them.

Kat, the INTP, visited me and I showed her where my tent was. She sat with me a while, and at one point, she warned me, ‘Watch out for your own health for a while. I knew somebody else whose family member died of cancer, and they got cancer immediately afterwards in their throat, although it was benign.’ That’s exactly like what I’m experiencing. I’ve just left WV and now I’m really sick with some agonizing pain in my throat.

I have such a feeling of weakness and brain fog that I can barely read anything mentally challenging, although I’m doing a bit better after two cups of coffee and after adding a bunch of sage and rosemary to the burger I got from Burger King. My appetite is bad – I don’t want to eat, I was almost throwing up yesterday, I had to eat ginger several times during the night last night, and today, I’m forcing myself to eat in spite of not being hungry.

I’ve already got cachexia. Cachexia is the first and most important symptom and syndrome – cachexia is what does the most harm to you. Cachexia makes you lose your appetite, because the chemical poisons emitted by the cancer are making you feel that way, long before you have any tumors that are visible. Then you start throwing up, again because of cachexia – even if there are no tumors pressing against any of your organs or directly interfering with your intestines, even if you aren’t taking any chemotherapy drugs, the cancer-induced cachexia itself starts to make you vomit.

You become weak because lactic acid is building up from the cancer, according to one website that looked pretty good – . You have to do things to get nutrients into the cells past the barrier created by the lactic acid, which interferes with normal absorption. They list a bunch of ways you can do that. They also recommend various enemas, which I would be willing to try although I would need whatever tools are used to do that. If I am ever going to treat cancer patients, I will need to experience an enema myself and will need to learn how to do it to somebody else. You have to bypass the vomiting, especially with something like pawpaw. They mention that you cannot use pawpaw with some other therapies because it interferes with their mechanism, the Budwig method in particular.

I’m reading about Rife. I googled ‘cancer virus’ and that’s how I found him. I’ve heard of him many, many times before but never really did the research. The viruses or bacteria that cause cancer can change into other forms depending on what context they are growing in.

This fits with what I read about the rabies virus when I had rabies. Rabies is less virulent when it grows in particular animals, and so they take the least virulent, least toxic form of it from this particular animal (was it the rabbit? I forget) and that’s what they use to make the live virus vaccine. It’s such a weakened form of rabies, after growing in that particular animal, that it no longer causes a deadly infection.

I’m trying to apply for a job. I have to finish filling out the application, and I have to get two personal references and two job references. This is going to be a huge obstacle, especially when I have this bad case of Contagious Cancer giving me such horrible brain fog and sensations of muscle weakness in my arms.

Hopefully my body will get over this bad case of contagious cancer in the next day or two, because I need to start functioning again pretty soon, and would like to be capable of filling out applications for jobs.

I told Kat when she visited that I had felt this terrible sensation, ever since I was with Mom, this feeling that I, too, am dying along with her, that I am fading away and getting weaker and sicker. I felt cheered up by her visit, though, and didn’t feel quite so frail afterwards. I’m going to visit my cat Jacob tomorrow hopefully and maybe they will cheer me up too – I could give Chris a hug if he is there.

I just had this awareness, whether psychological or physical, along with my feeling of coming down with an illness, this feeling that if Mom can die, so can I, and for a couple days I really felt like I was. Now, I don’t quite feel the ‘I’m dying’ sensation, just the ‘I’m sick as hell and this thing in my throat is agonizingly painful and it’s so frustrating that I can’t think with my dumb brain full of brain fog and my arms are weak.’

I’m learning a lot by researching cachexia. I’m convinced that cachexia is the most important thing that killed my mom. We needed to treat the cachexia directly. It is a phenomenon in and of itself, and it begins happening long before you can detect any tumors, long before you would even suspect you have cancer, and it causes a lot of symptoms that are associated with cancer but tumors aren’t the cause of them – there are no tumors in or near the digestive system, but yet, you lose appetite, you don’t want to eat, and you start throwing up. You aren’t changing anything in your diet or lifestyle, but you suddenly start losing weight. This is cachexia. It’s from the poisons that the cancer is putting into your body.

The Rife page said that his work went out of fashion because people decided that antibiotics were going to be far more profitable, but nowadays, people are getting interested in Rife again. It’s hard to rebuild his equipment because he was keeping it a secret, but this page says that they found some originals and reverse engineered them. Somebody just needs to do all the same research over again, basically.

There is so much good knowledge that has been lost over the years. I already know that Quackwatch would say that everything having to do with Rife is bullshit. I should go read their page just to make myself angry. Quackwatch is a really good page to go to to search for a long list of extremely effective alternative treatments, all of which will be described as ineffective. This list is in one convenient location! Just change the word ‘ineffective’ to
‘effective’ and it all becomes true.

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