‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ sort of matches the ‘Cabin in the Woods’ 5 archetypes

I’m not sure what brought this to my attention. I watched ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ over and over again. In the end, they describe the archetypes of five characters who are brought together to make a story: the athlete, the fool, the virgin, the whore, and the scholar. I think there must be more archetypes than this, but, even so –

So, in The Royal Tenenbaums, I can see all of them –


never mind, I am in too much pain right now to write a blog about this. I had to google their names because I forgot them and that required too much effort. I’m in the middle of cramping right now because I started my period. So much for that idea. My ibuprofen isn’t working so I bought some fresh ones, because apparently mine are stale.


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