Rejuvenate, regenerate – still too sick to think about anything

8:40 AM 1/28/2017

I’m in a very low functioning mode right now. I’m on ibuprofen and it’s finally working because I bought some fresh ones at the convenience store. Even though I’m not in pain from cramping anymore I still am at a very low level mentally and physically, but I am still hanging around here and want to try again to write something. I am not really able to write as well as I would like. I feel very sluggish physically and mentally.

I wanted to write sometime about what I was fantasizing as I drove in the car from Scott Depot to Snowshoe and Green Bank WV. I was imagining that Mom was coming along on the trip with me. I don’t quite have the energy to write it now and I feel sick and exhausted. I will have to wait till I feel better. I actually have a sore throat in addition to starting my period and having cramps and taking ibuprofen.

I was thinking that I wish Mom could be rejuvenated, that she could have been. She should have been young and healthy much, much longer. It should be possible to rejuvenate the body and regenerate and regrow lost body parts, or change existing body parts so that they grow into a new shape. For example, if you have Weston Price deformities, there ought to be a way to command the body to reform itself gradually, but without using things like ‘spacers’ that Weston Price used, and without orthodontics, and it should be possible to do this for any part of the body.

I was thinking specifically of Mom’s back. She got a stooped back partly because of her back injury and partly from osteoporosis. It actually wasn’t as severe as some people’s stooped backs, but you could see it and it made her less flexible and less comfortable than she used to be. It ought to be possible to trigger the backbone to reform anew, but it would have to be a carefully controlled gradual process that would grow new tissue while absorbing old tissues. Some cells would have to be preserved alive, like the nerve cells. I don’t know how nerve cells work, but I don’t think they die and replace themselves.

Do individual nerve cells have to live for the entire lifetime? Or do they die and replace themselves while somehow keeping the memories in the brain intact?

Evolution doesn’t demand for us to be healthy and happy our entire lives. Evolution’s demands are minimal. We merely have to be able to have babies sometime in our mid-teens or early teens. As long as you accomplish that, evolution doesn’t care how much misery and suffering you go through afterwards. You can exist in constant horrible pain for the rest of your life as long as you were merely able to have a couple babies at a young age. That’s all evolution expects of us.

So evolution didn’t program our bodies to rejuvenate and regenerate things, because evolution doesn’t care about our lifelong suffering or happiness and health.

I’m still kind of too sick and tired to think about this – I’m trying to think about it but my brain is just shutting down and refusing to think. I really must be feeling like crap today, seriously. I was thinking about all this at my parents’ house and on the way in the car. I just can’t think about it now today.

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