All those untitled posts were about cancer; I’m working on the rideshare to Altoona thing again

4:33 AM 1/28/2017

I’d sort of like to go back and put titles on all those untitled posts that I sent by text message from the tent. They were my thoughts about cancer and cachexia. I just feel this sort of mind-numbing dread when I think about the process of opening up WordPress and trying to change the titles of all those blogs while waiting fifteen minutes for the page to load each time. Just suffice it to say that there was some interesting stuff in those posts, even though the titles just said the date and time, because I sent them by text and don’t know how to make a title and haven’t bothered to try to find out, as I have extremely limited mental energy for such projects.

I’m drinking coffee right now, which means that I will be back in the ‘excuse mode,’ where I spend the next twenty years saying, ‘I’m going to quit coffee again, as soon as XYZ is true.’

I have just one goal that I want to try. I want to try getting on a rideshare to Altoona. It was actually Tyrone that I stopped in when I was going down there, but both of them are close enough together that if I got into one, I could get to the other. The goal is to go someplace that has affordable housing and single apartments. There is no affordable housing and no single apartments in the town of State College, but there is everywhere else on earth.

Going to Altoona is just ‘one small step.’ If I can start working at a job there, and then getting an affordable apartment there, it will be one step to making my life easier and enabling me to make changes and progress.

I found the rideshare website again, and tried to log in, but have no clue what my username was. I reset my password, hoping it would also tell me what my username was, but it didn’t, and they didn’t provide any means for finding out what your username was. I tried a few possible names, but none of them worked. So I just made a whole new one.

The website annoyed me. I remembered the first time I used it. All I wanted to do was look and see if ANYBODY was already doing rides to where I was going. There was no way to just glance at a list of rides that already exist. You had only a blank screen to look at, with no idea whether anybody anywhere was even using this service at all. You had to fill out all these search parameters, and if you didn’t fill them out EXACTLY RIGHT, without anybody telling you what ‘exactly right’ would be, then you would get zero search results for rides that were going where you wanted to go.

I ended up writing an annoyed letter to the ‘help’ people at the website, that first time, and she reset my search parameters so that I would get results. This is an insanely stupid idiotic website design. You should be able to see it by looking at it and not have to have some knowledgeable person set it up for you.

Every website that makes you search for a destination at a particular time and day is horribly designed: bus schedules and plane schedules are what I’m thinking of. They should already be visible, and you should be able to scroll through them and just look at them at a glance to get a general idea, before you actually decide what specific time and all that. The only way you can find anything out is by repeatedly searching, over and over, typing in your parameters and trying to find results, never knowing if there will EVER be any results for ‘I want to fly from University Park, PA, to the town of Binjobwa, Africa.’ You can fill out the dates and times till you’re blue in the face and never get a single result, because you simply don’t know whether any flights EVER go between those two places.

I could design all of these things better. The whole thing would be entirely different from start to finish. You would *never* spend a single moment staring helplessly at a blank screen with no idea what to do and no idea where to start.

The other thing that messed me up this time was when I filled it out again, I still got no results, because you’re able to enter BAD DATA into one of the fields, and it doesn’t stop you from entering badly formatted data. I entered a time which wasn’t in the right format. It has to be exactly like this: 08:00 am. I wrote something like 8 am or something, or 8:00 am. I didn’t put a zero in front of it.

Because of that, it just erased whatever I wrote in there and put 12:00 am as the default, giving me ZERO RESULTS. Why can’t you make your defaults set up so that they are most likely to provide results, like the most commonly used times, like the help lady told me? Why can’t you make it force you to enter your data correctly so that it doesn’t end up ignoring what you wrote in there and resetting it to a default? It just lets you freely type in anything at all, so you could probably write ‘Mickey Mouse’ as the time if you wanted to.

Anyway, so I did this all over again this morning, and after I got the desired results, I suddenly became unable to do anything else beyond that. It required a new decision to be made and a new action to be taken, and I decided to eat the sandwich I just bought and drink my coffee and type a blog instead of taking further action or making further decisions.

Also, I started my period this morning and wasn’t prepared for it. I will have to deal with that for the next few hours and might not be in the best mood for doing ambitious things that require mental focus.

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