27 January, 2017 13:38

PET scans use radioactive sugar to male tumors glow on the scan. Radioactive sugar sounds like a cancer treatment in and of itself. It’s a trojan horse that irradiates only tumors, while failing to enter all the starving normal cells that are blocked by imgl2. Berberine is herbal insulin, an alternative, so you can get it yourself without prescriptions or injections. Take berberine to lower blood sugar, then take low dose pawpaw (herbal chemo), because it’s emetic and low dose is preferable, then take sugar. I think glucose syrup or glucose candy is nonprescription. My diabetic friend Peter used that. The trojan horse cancer feeding concept led me to read about the insulin modulated low dose chemo. Why doesn’t the radioactive sugar kill the tumor? But always remember, cachexia matters too. It must be treated to keep the patient alive. My mom’s whole body wasted away. There are multiple prongs of the strategy. Destroy tumors, treat cachexia, and also, try to explain why the body cannot already beat cancer on its own. What’s it thinking when it sees a cancer cell? “I’m not allowed to kill that – it’s an ovary cell!” How does cancer cloak itself? How does the body map the correct locations of things? Bioelectromagnetic fields guide and shape the developing cells of the fetus, providing a map telling them what to differentiate into if they are in a location. Does cancer prevent the body from reading its own “map?”

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