Why did my lost sense of smell return in the radio silent zone around Green Bank, WV? Do cellular frequencies deactivate the sense of smell?

2:06 PM 1/25/2017

I’m in Green Bank, WV. There is no cell phone service here. I got out at a gas station to use the bathroom, and I suddenly noticed that I had an extremely powerful sense of smell. I smelled everything and I smelled it extremely strongly. I haven’t been able to smell much of anything in YEARS. The last time I was able to smell anything was the couple of days when I briefly got pregnant in September 2016 before it miscarried.

I have never smelled so much at once, everything, everywhere, –

When the sense of smell is gone, emotions and memories are also gone. No emotions, no memories, no meaning to life. Smells trigger memories and emotions in a direct, instinctive, physical, powerful, immediate way, and this has been studied by scientists.

(*Edit: I think this tinnitus was caused by driving with the car window slightly open. It continued the rest of the drive. I originally thought it was happening only in Green Bank. There might actually be something I can hear there, but I will have to test it again on a day when I haven’t been driving with the car window down.*) I have a high pitched tinnitus in my left ear everywhere in this town. That wasn’t what I normally hear. It is a constant tinnitus. I think it’s usually being modulated by the attackers and by the cell phone frequencies, so that’s why it doesn’t usually sound constant. The noise is unchanging now.

Either that, or the observatory actually radiates something. This is possible: I read that it doesn’t merely listen and receive, it also shoots the concentrated radio that it’s receiving back upwards onto a thing that hangs over the top of the antenna dish. So it’s actually shooting something, and maybe that creates a constant background high pitched noise in my tinnitus.

I’m going to try to take a brief nap in my car here and see what happens.

I also drove through Snowshoe, WV, and enjoyed it, although I’m anxious about getting home. I’d like to go back when I feel like I have nothing to worry about.

I don’t know whether my left ear tinnitus is caused by an active emission of the observatory, or caused by the lack of modulation by cellular frequencies and attackers. It’s kind of annoying, actually, and seems to be loud.

But that sense of smell thing – what on earth could give me back my sense of smell, suddenly, in Green Bank, unless cell phone radiation destroys the sense of smell? The sense of smell must somehow depend on an electromagnetic interaction.

Oh, if people knew what they were missing! Our souls would come back. Our lives would come back. Life would matter again.

Could it be negative ions in the air? The air is somewhat fresh here because of the mountains, and the lack of radio might mean that healthy negative ions are remaining intact?

The sense of smell is so sensitive, it can detect something at a concentration of only a few molecules. If it’s that sensitive, then it might rely on electromagnetic fields somehow. It may detect a large field rather than just detecting molecules. I don’t know, I’m hypothesizing.

I’m back in State College now after a very, very long drive all over the place, after making a couple mistakes and having to turn around. My sense of smell has faded. I can only smell a little bit now.

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