So, why did Mom and Dad both get malignant cancer at the same time?

5:01 AM 1/26/2017

On January 9, 2014, there was a chemical spill *discovered* in the Elk River, although it had actually been leaking for an unknown length of time before it was discovered. This chemical was then pulled into the intake of a water company downstream.

I was there visiting my mother and father in Scott Depot when this happened. We got our water from a different company. However, I tasted something funny in our water. I think that the leaking chemical was able to get down into other sources of water, maybe the aquifer or something, so that it spread to other places besides just the closest water intake for that one particular water company.

So, I suspect that maybe my parents’ drinking water was indeed contaminated by this chemical, although maybe not as badly as other people’s were. And my mom drank tons and tons of water – she actually had a drinking water ‘habit.’ She would carry a large cup with a lid and just take little sips of water all day long everywhere she went. We joked about it, about how she couldn’t be without her cup of water.

Three years later, she died of cancer, just a few days ago on January 22nd, 2017 (the 22nd was originally the day when John and I were going to visit, but we decided she was so sick we must hurry, so thankfully, we went sooner!).

I don’t know if the chemical spill caused her cancer or not, and I don’t know if it would take three whole years for the cancer to grow up enough to cause her so much suffering. Dad said that she was starting to get sick throughout the whole year of 2016. She became unable to eat much food – ‘early satiety’ – she would feel like she was full after only a few bites. Then she started having heartburn. None of these things were severe enough to make anybody worry, until about November or so, when she was just so unable to eat, she started starving.

I mentioned in another post the other day that my *DAD* also got cancer during this time period. He got *malignant* cancer during this time period. He had always had ‘benign’ tumors, basal cell
carcinomas, on his skin, for many decades, and would occasionally have them removed. But then, sometime in the last couple years – do I recall correctly exactly when it was? I don’t. Was it after January, 2014? I’m not 100% sure. I don’t know if I blogged about it anywhere, and Dad would get defensive if I asked him about it. But I do remember, it was recently. On one of my most recent visits he confessed he had a malignant melanoma that was surgically removed. This was the first time this had ever happened.

Now he is constantly watching out for more malignant melanomas on his skin.

If I knew for sure, if I could remember, that the malignant melanoma happened during this same time period, after January 2014, during the same time when Mom developed cancer – I have a hunch that some factor caused both of them to get malignant cancer at the same time, and the chemical spill is a good hypothesis. I just don’t know the rate of speed, how long it takes, for a chemical to cause cancer and for that cancer to grow up enough to cause major problems in the body. Dad was able to see his cancer because it was on the outside, but Mom couldn’t see hers on the inside.

I think these chemicals trigger your pre-cancerous lesions to become malignant, because Dad always did have pre-cancerous lesions on his skin, and the skin is where he then had his malignant cancer. Whatever Mom had on the inside, I don’t know – maybe she had pre-cancerous lesions as a result of taking chemotherapy drugs in the past? She could have had anything going on in there and we will never know. I didn’t have a say in getting her autopsied to look inside and find out the exact details of what was going on in there. If it was up to me, I would have – I really wanted to know.

What other factors were they exposed to during the last couple years?

Well, they did build a new back porch, and it’s made out of some kind of fake plastic wood. Maybe touching and handling that plastic wood gave them cancer, because it probably leaches a lot of chemicals. The old back porch was made of rotten real wood that was so rotten it was dangerous to go walk on the porch. It had to be done.

What else???

Did they start taking any new medications? I don’t know all the details of their medications. I know they have both been on various things. Dad’s using blood pressure meds, and also blood thinners, he told me. Mom was on antidepressants at one point but might not have stayed on them.

They also had diet sodas, so they were drinking artificial sweeteners. However, that was nothing new. I don’t know how long they were doing that. I also don’t know *why* they were doing that – they had some sodas that had real sugar, and some that had artificial. Maybe Mom drank one and Dad drank the other? Ironically, Mom hated the chemical taste of fake sugar, so I think she was drinking the real sugar ones (and fake sugar is suspected of causing cancer). Real sugar is said to participate in causing cancer, but – I am talking about *new* factors that would have appeared suddenly in the last couple years. They were both eating sugar their entire lives. I’m only interested in things that they were exposed to relatively recently.

I’m not sure of this, but I think they might possibly have been getting flu shots, too.  I don’t know when they started doing that.  I’m not entirely certain that they did. So they might have gotten one of the bad, cancer-causing batches of the flu shot too.

So yeah. BOTH OF THEM have cancer. Dad may or may not still have active, malignant cancer someplace – we don’t know, and from what he said to me the other day, he is still going to doctors’ appointments and still looking for melanomas.

I wonder if having body fat protects you from fat-soluble chemicals. You can put the toxic chemicals into the fat cells and keep them isolated from the body. Mom had absolutely no fat. So she had no place to store the toxic fat-soluble coal-processing chemical that went into the water supply – it was an oily chemical. Dad is fatter, so maybe he was able to put all the oily cancer-causing chemical spill into the fat cells and keep it away from the rest of the body systems. I dunno, I’m just theorizing.

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