The inevitable ‘fighting with Dad’ stage

We’re not really FIGHTING fighting. I have had worse fights with him in the past. But, we are fighting. I’m trying to get out of here, but I can’t even get my payment to go through on my credit card so that I can have the money to pay the rental car people. I didn’t know something about how the credit card worked. I had the credit card at its limit of $500, and then, they charged interest, so it went up to $502. I paid this off on January 18 the instant my dad sent me the money in the bank. So I thought, all along, that my credit card was paid off and ready to go. Wrong.

So I added several more days to my rental car so I could stay here till Wednesday, mostly because I wanted to receive my package of herbal stuff (it did arrive, thankfully, and I have it now). I tried to charge the rental car’s additional days to my credit card, but it was rejected. I can’t use my debit card, because I don’t have enough money in my bank account to pay for the added days on the rental car.

I have called USAA a bunch of times to figure out why my card is being rejected when I completely paid off every penny that I owed them, and it should be ready to go. The first lady told me there was a technical difficulty and it should be fixed by midnight (which was last night, and it wasn’t fixed today). I called them again today, after calling the rental car people and being told my card had been rejected again. The next lady at USAA that I talked to told me that actually, there was no technical problem, but instead, a ‘hold’ had been placed on my payment for 8 days because I had ‘gone over the limit.’ I didn’t even go over the limit, but rather, the interest added on made it go over the limit. Nobody ever told me that this would happen, that my payments would simply not go through for 8 days if I went even so much as $2 over the $500 limit as a result of being charged interest.

So I tried to explain this to my dad, saying I didn’t even have enough money to fill the tank with gas because my credit card isn’t working right now. I can’t even get in the car and go home if I can’t even fill the tank with gas. I will be stuck somewhere halfway home.

So I had to not only explain to my dad why my credit card wasn’t working (I told him it was a ‘technical problem’ instead of saying ‘They placed a hold for eight days because I went over the limit,’ and I think actually during this conversation I still didn’t know yet about the ‘hold’ thing, because I went and talked to her AFTER that conversation with Dad, I think), not only that, but also, I’ve used up the OTHER $500 which was in my debit card / bank account.

They gave me $1000. I instantly paid off the credit card which was about $502. I was all relieved and thought that was taken care of, but in reality, it was sitting there ‘on hold’ ignoring my payment for the next 8 days.

So I had about $500 left in my bank. I spent like $125 of that on the car at first, before I added the additional days that I was staying here. So I had about $375 or so left after that. I somehow used up all of that $375 on miscellaneous unknown things, such as gas tank filling, food, and herbal treatments that never got used because Mom was much sicker than I knew and she died only days after I got here. I had been thinking I would stay here maybe for weeks or months attempting to use these herbal treatments on her, and money was no object, because IF THIS WERE YOUR MOM, WOULDN’T YOU SAY MONEY IS NO OBJECT? If you sincerely believed in herbal therapy, as I do, then OF COURSE you would pay money to get your herbal chemotherapy delivered here as fast as possible, the fastest shipping they had, which still wasn’t fast enough and she would have been too sick to eat it anyway.

So, my entire debit account is now empty, and I had to explain that to my dad, who doesn’t believe in herbal medicine, so to him, I just threw a whole bunch of money onto a fire and burned it for no reason other than because I am insane and delusional.

So Dad and I had a loud conversation (although he’s deaf, so *every* conversation is a loud conversation) in the kitchen, where he got angry enough that I felt like he might be about to punch me.

What it comes down to is that I have to get at least $40 or so just to make sure I have gas money, and hope and pray that the hold is released on my credit card tomorrow morning like the lady said tonight that it would be. Supposedly, it will work tomorrow, and I’ll be able to bring the car back and give them my credit card and pay for it. If it doesn’t work when I bring the car back tomorrow evening, then I’ll just have to sit around and, I dunno, offer to wash dishes for Enterprise for the next couple months. ‘Wash dishes’ is what you do when you can’t pay for food at the restaurant. So I guess I would wash their cars.

Dad’s saying that he’s willing to give me $40 just to get me out of here as fast as possible.

THEN AFTER ALL OF THIS CONVERSATION HE MENTIONED SOMETHING ABOUT DEDUCTING THAT $40 FROM THE MONEY HE WOULD BE GIVING TO ME AS MY DEPOSIT NEXT MONTH, implying that I am actually still going to be receiving that deposit from him like I had been for the past few months. They had been giving me $200 a month just to help me out, and oddly enough, I didn’t even ask them for this. They did it on their own.

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