Mom went to the Bermuda Triangle and had extremely bad luck

I don’t remember this whole story. Mom told me about it. It was a scuba trip. They went through the Bermuda Triangle, and one bad thing after another after another went wrong. Like, the boat engine died for no reason. This wasn’t a waterspout. I have read that
waterspouts are one theory for why ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, but that wouldn’t explain why their boat died for no reason in the middle of the ocean. It was something weird, like their electricity wouldn’t work.

Then a whole bunch of other stuff went wrong. It wasn’t just that. This story is lost to memory! What ever happened to Mom in the Bermuda Triangle on that scuba trip??? Mom, can’t you tell us now? I don’t think we’ll ever hear this story again. There was a lot more detail, and it was mysterious.

Didn’t they get sick? Didn’t everyone go crazy? I seem to remember, everybody was angry at each other, much angrier than normal, much crazier than normal, like something was wrong with their brains. Everyone was fighting. And other stuff went wrong that shouldn’t have happened and had no explanation, just general bad luck and equipment failures that shouldn’t have happened. My mom was a very realistic person, and she didn’t make this stuff up.

She also saw UFOs once. She and Dad were on the highway, I think in New Jersey, but it might have been when they were near the military base in the Carolinas, whichever one it was, the big one. Fort whatever. UFOs usually appear around military bases, so that would make more sense. They saw a whole bunch of UFOs just flying back and forth at high speed over the highway. The entire highway full of cars was stopped, and hundreds and hundreds of people were seeing this. Again, Mom was not the kind of person to make this stuff up. This would have been many decades ago, maybe in the 1970s.

Was she with Dad, or was she with someone else? Dad might remember this, but if I ask him about it, he’ll get all suspicious and he’ll wonder if I’m driving myself crazy worrying about UFOs. I’m not, I’m just interested in them. He’d tell me that I shouldn’t think about that stuff and I shouldn’t be all paranoid. But then again, he might admit that yes, he saw them, if he was with her. I think he was.

When I think of Mom going scuba diving, that is a very happy memory of her life. It was sunny, bright sun and warmth and water. In my mind, I can see the sunlight. She would have been playing a lot of John Denver music, and she would have watched Jacques Cousteau. They had books about scuba diving.

4 Responses to “Mom went to the Bermuda Triangle and had extremely bad luck”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your mother was nice to me. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Nicole Says:

    From what I’m told, she was friends with a lot of people. I don’t know anyone who really hated her.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Stopped by after watching this vid-

    Sorry your mom is gone.

    Your mother was one of the most lovable people I ever met.

    My memories of her at Gene and Jeans that thanksgiving are precious.



  4. Nicole Says:

    I forgot that you ever got to meet her! Thanksgiving, yes.

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