What the fuck is that photo allegedly showing almost nobody at Trump’s speech, compared to Obama’s?

I just saw some photo. It must have been on the downstairs TV while Dad was watching it this morning. There were two photos, allegedly comparing the amount of people who showed up to listen to Obama’s first speech (tons and tons! Yay! Obama is the most awesome!!!) and then, only a handful of people who showed up to listen to Trump (boo! Nobody likes Trump! Trump sucks so bad nobody even wants to bother showing up to listen to his first speech.)

I believed that photo, at first, although I didn’t really care that much, but I was probably emotionally influenced by it without realizing. It sneaked into my subconscious. My reaction to it was, ‘I guess Trump didn’t have as much popular support as I thought he did.’ It was kind of a surprise, because I thought he had a lot of support.

Well, I started watching his speech on youtube, and suddenly, they showed a photo of the crowd, and the entire place was full. It wasn’t this tiny handful of people they showed in the ‘Trump sucks’ photo comparison, it was entirely full!

If that picture was real, then the #(*#$&@^#@* who took it must have taken it early on BEFORE anybody showed up. It would be like going in to a concert hall the day before the concert, taking a photo of the empty auditorium with nobody in it, then posting this photo and saying, ‘Wow, this band sucks! Nobody showed up to listen to them!’ And meanwhile, the concert was tomorrow. So ten thousand people showed up the next day, but too bad, we took a photo of an empty concert hall and told everybody that’s all who showed up, and that photo had an emotional impact on people and caused them to believe that there was no support for Trump. FAKE NEWS! ON THE TV!!!!

This was ON THE TV, the trusted source of all news, the REAL NEWS, the official news. I just don’t even believe they did this! If the point of this is to show that the official real news is actually the fakest fake news on the planet, well, you people just did a really great job demonstrating that for me. I never watch TV except when I’m visiting Mom and Dad, so I don’t normally notice things like this, and suddenly I get to see this really obvious example of fake news appearing on television, this blatant, ridiculous example of somebody being just as fake as they can possibly be. I didn’t even know how bad it was! They are THAT BAD!

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