They told Trump about the photos of the crowd

So, I watched the news again this evening with Dad for a couple minutes. He has it recorded. There was another news report where they said that somebody told Trump about the photo of the nearly empty crowd at his inauguration, and he said no, the people were packed all the way out to the end of the place there at the Washington Monument. They said that the photo was deliberately underreporting the crowds. I agree, that’s how I understood it too.

So I mentioned this to Dad, saying I had seen exactly the same thing when I saw that photo of the nearly empty place, and then watched his speech on Youtube and saw it was all the way full.

Dad’s response: I’m being paranoid/delusional.

I said, ‘But that guy there [on TV] just said the same thing I just said.’

Dad: He’s being paid to tell that lie.

So, in other words, Dad believes exactly the same thing I believe, except in reverse, but HE’S not being paranoid or delusional? In other words, he believes that the youtube video, which came from (or some other official thing, I forget exactly what) invented the picture of the full crowds for the youtube video.

Well, I can’t disprove that either. I can’t prove that the youtube video doesn’t have a fake image of a packed crowd, but if I can’t prove that, then we can’t prove that the empty crowd photo isn’t fake either. You just choose which one you want to believe. Trump (and the other reporter/guy/whoever talking about this) is lying and making everyone believe the crowd was packed, or some anonymous news reporter is lying and making everyone believe that the crowd was very sparse, especially in comparison to Obama’s.

And I’m not going to take the trouble to really painstakingly research all of this and figure out which photo was fake, either. Sure, the youtube video could have taken a video of a crowd of people from any location in any time period. Like a laugh track for a comedy. Just people laughing, even though they’re not really watching the comedy. Yeah, it could have been that. And the exact same thing is true of the sparse crowd photo too – a photo of a crowd, taken from any given time, whenever.

Do I trust Trump more than I trust the media? I’ve read dozens or hundreds of junk science articles coming from the official media, saying things that I know for certain are blatantly wrong. Saying things that just fail to mention extremely important key facts that would change everything (building 7 falling for no reason after failing to get hit by the third airplane; vaccines safe and effective for everyone, etc).

I don’t necessarily ‘trust’ Trump either, but in this particular situation, I’m still going with my hunch that somebody deliberately put a photo of the sparse crowd from an earlier hour when nobody had really arrived yet, then told everyone that’s the sum total of everybody who ever showed up at all. That just seems like the kind of stupid shit that they do. My evaluation of the character of the media tells me this. I know the media, from decades of experience.

But no, I cannot prove this, and I am not going to try.


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