More reactions – I watched it again

I am getting major subliminal messages or involuntary emotional impressions. Screaming bloody murder, refusal to stop, ignoring doubts, overpowering people, ‘I ate it up and spit it out’ is vomiting, you can’t eat something and then spit it out because you can only ‘spit’ what is still in your mouth, and if you eat something, it means you swallowed it, so you’re writing a song about vomiting, and I’ve been seeing my mom vomit because she’s dying of cancer right now. And I am vomit-phobic and I try to avoid seeing it and avoid talking about it, but this song is talking about something utterly horrible and horrifying, violence, vomiting, sickness, horror, eating something horrible and terrible, and vomiting it back out. The other impression I suddenly had was ‘They are TERRIFIED of him.’ Some other people came out to dance, and the one guy was grinning, but I saw terror: I saw inside him and thought, ‘He doesn’t like playing this song either and he knows it’s inappropriate, but he’s too terrified to say anything about it.’ I felt there were people too terrified to stand up to him, terrified for their lives.

I’m sorry for saying these things, it was just… the music. The music. The music is wrong. It fits him perfectly, and I know all about socionics and I know all about Beta-Delta interactions, and in my experience, one of the worst interactions is in the realm of music. Music and artwork. The type of images I see in Beta artwork, they just stab me in the deepest, most painful, most horrifying part of my psyche, and socionics explains that these are the ‘id functions,’ the deepest darkest part of who you are, the part that you really, really dislike. Music and art have the power to bring all of that stuff out into the light and show it to you. You FEEL it when the music plays.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a ‘bad person’ or that he actually is going to be brutally murdering everybody. There are millions upon millions of people in the Beta quadra who all listen to this type of music and look at this type of artwork, and they are not all actually slaughtering everybody. It’s the information processing style: they TALK ABOUT THIS INFORMATION. The information always exists. It is out there. But their brains pick out this information and ignore other information, and when they speak, sing, or make art, that information comes back out.

I gotta go – Dad is doing something – we’re going to the barn with mom so she can say goodbye to the horses.

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