After mom’s death: I will probably lose interest in cancer

It would be awesome if this incident inspired me to become this big important person doing alternative cancer cures, but that will probably not happen. I will have a little while where I am still interested in it because I will be wishing I could have prevented Mom’s death, but then I will go back to worrying about other problems in my life. That actually kind of disappoints me.

However, I will be able to remember that there was a period of time where I sincerely believed that pawpaw twigs were strong enough to at least delay Mom’s death and shrink her tumors, although she would have needed a holistic treatment with nutrition and decontamination and all that in order to really go back to living and being relatively healthy. I will know about it the next time I need to know. I’ll be like, ‘That pawpaw thing was actually REAL.’

The baking soda cure is also probably real, the Italian guy claiming cancer is a fungus, but the only reason I’m not all gung ho about that is because it requires an injection, which you cannot do yourself unless you purchase the equipment to do it and you can be clean and sterile enough and you have the know-how. Pawpaw pills are more convenient – anyone can do them, anyone can grow a pawpaw tree (in the right climate or indoors).

The only thing wrong with the pawpaw treatment is it can’t be done transdermally. The molecules are GIGANTIC. I tried making a transdermal paste in oil. Nope. I barely felt the slightest sensations at all, although I might have felt more if the twigs had been more potent, harvested in the month of May or June. If I am feeling any sensations at all – and I did, but barely anything – that means there are just a few types of small molecules that are capable of going through the skin. There are always many, many different types of compounds or ‘ingredients’ in a natural herb. So some of them may be small, but the most potent ones that fight cancer are the huge long gigantic molecules. I forget what they are called.

If you want to do that transdermally, you can do some stuff: they say using an electric current will help force large molecules into the skin, and they also said dissolving it in alcohol would also do it, but I don’t understand why alcohol would make any difference.

So if I were going to do that, it would require more technical expertise and more supplies than I currently have. I would have to jury-rig some homemade transdermal drug patches with little electrical wires on them, and I don’t feel confident that I could just jump right in and do that. I *could* but it would take more time and research.

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