A house full of Deltas at the moment, missing only INFJ

We have had this entire house full of nothing but Deltas for the past couple days. A few people were not Delta, but they are neighbors who aren’t here all the time. Our neighbor, Laura, is some kind of J (judging) type, but I am not entirely sure what she is – she could possibly be ESTJ, but I always felt like she was more of an ISTJ or something… I really don’t know. I have always had slightly awkward interactions with her. Our talk doesn’t flow as comfortably as I would like. There’s another little girl who came over, Faith, and I don’t know her at all and have no clue what type she is, but she only visited briefly.

Patrick: ENFP, my dual (and the dual of all the other ten million ISTPs who have been visiting this house). He has nursing experience and has been helping do stuff like move Mom from the bed to the bathroom, cleaning her up, taking her blood pressure readings, and so on. He makes us laugh and he says all the things that we can’t say. It would have been much, much worse without Patrick – his presence greatly improved my experience. He does things like give me a hug spontaneously when he first arrived, and I can talk to him very comfortably, and I even started crying while I was talking to him, and lost control of that for a minute. I can’t do that with everyone.

John (my brother): ISTP.
Aidan (John’s son): ISTP
Donald (our half brother, Mom’s son): ISTP (he could *theoretically* be an INTP but I don’t think so)
Karen (Donald’s friend, girlfriend): another ISTP! Two identicals in a relationship
John’s Girlfriend Kaitlyn: unknown type. I haven’t figured her out yet and haven’t had a whole lot of interactions with her.
The Nurse Lady: probably ESTJ, but I could be wrong.
The Guy Who Replaced The Oxygen Tanks: felt like an ISTP but I didn’t get to know him well. I’m not sure about his type.

If only I’d brought Steve with me, we would have had our INFJ, the ‘full set’ of the Delta quadra.

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