Bless you, pawpaw! It’s going through my skin! (I think.)

I can smell it, and I can feel it in my fingers where I was mixing the wood with the water. I have a pan with water and the shavings in it. The lack of bark won’t be a problem. The twigs are supplying enough, and it seems strong. I don’t need to have huge pieces of bark off the main trunk. My fingers feel cool where it touched. It will be stronger when drunk, though. Maybe I’m reacting to the smell. I only know that I felt another wave of a reaction just a moment ago.

I’m holding the twigs in my hand, then carving the tips of them with a knife, so as to shave the tiniest pieces, so they will have the largest surface area, and then I am soaking them in cold water. I hesitate to use hot water to try to soak out more of the stuff, because the hotter the water is, the more of the poison it will destroy (which is one of the benefits of cooking vegetables).

If I can shave thousands of twigs and make this very, very strong and plentiful, maybe it will be enough to poison Mom’s cancer.

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