Pawpaw twigs and bark in wintertime aren’t strong enough

I went to Lemont and went up Mt. Nittany Road to the house that has pawpaw trees beside the driveway. I went to the little grove of trees and cut some twigs and bark with my knife. Then I chewed on the bark all the way home. It had very little flavor, just a mild taste of pawpaws, which was recognizable. It wasn’t even bitter. I had almost no reaction to it at all. This seems like it would be a good thing, but actually it’s a bad thing: if it’s a strong medicine, it’s going to cause some kind of sensations when you eat it.

The leaves are where the real medicine is. When you break them, they smell like green peppers. That smell, supposedly, is where this medicine is, if I recall correctly. I could not get anything that smelled like green peppers whenever I cut the twigs and bark today. It might be in the roots, maybe, in the wintertime. Otherwise, I would have to buy someone else’s pawpaw leaves that they had already made into pills and bottled. So I wouldn’t know their freshness or quality or whether they really were pawpaw leaves. It’s not something that’s very well known or popular yet.

I’m actually very surprised about how *little* effect it had for me to chew on something that I thought would be rather poisonous. It only irritated my stomach just a tiny bit. You go around your whole life, thinking that EVERYTHING IS POISONOUS and you should never, ever, ever eat anything from out in the wild unless you are absolutely 100% sure you know what it is, and there will only be just a tiny number of familiar plants that your family taught you about, like raspberries, so, basically you can eat almost nothing and must assume everything everywhere is deadly poison – and then you go out and eat something that you think is going to be at least SOMEWHAT poisonous, because it’s medicinal and it’s a pesticide and it’s SUPPOSED to make you sick, and what happens? Nothing at all. I don’t think that the twigs and bark will be able to help with cancer. Maybe only the leaves.

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