18 January, 2017 08:10

A gripe, from the tent. Dad’s belief in mainstream medicine is a religion. He clings to it even to the point of death, and so does Mom. It would be like if someone told me, “Shave your mustache, or I will murder your child,” and I’d be like, “Okay, go ahead and murder my child then.” It would be like that. I’m not saying that’s what I would do, I’m saying it’s as if I were doing that. I have a feeling the voices wanted me to use that example because they believe I have no husband because of my choice not to shave. Anyway, this belief in mainstream medicine is so strong, so unquestionable, it’s like absolute evil to consider herbal medicine as a possibility, or to admit that evil forces exist that prevent people from finding and using effective alternatives that exist. He said if pawpaw trees, or anything, was effective, the drug companies would already be using it. He hasn’t encountered evil. He also hasn’t encountered ignorance and incompetence. I learned the hard way. I had an unexplained stomach problem that starved me for months. Doctor after doctor had no clue even after doing various diagnostics. I ended up solving it on my own. No doctor asked me EVEN ONCE “What are you eating?” I changed my diet and the unexplained problem went away, and gradually I figured out how to avoid it. One thing I found was the particular brand of coffee, Folger’s, was causing it. To this day Folger’s will make my stomach irritated and unable to eat. There were a few other suspected causes as well, but mostly I fixed it by stopping the Folger’s. Common sense? Ask “What do you eat every day?” if there is a digestive problem????? This is only one example where I learned the hard way about how hopelessly wrong, ignorant, and useless doctors can be. I learned that anecdotes on the internet matched my own experience and were more trustworthy.


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