Pawpaw trees, asimina triloba – I’ll go get some if Mom is still alive when I get there

We have pawpaw trees growing around the neighborhood. Last time I was there a few years ago, we picked the pawpaws and made ice cream. Making ice cream wasn’t really my idea – I wanted to try drying them, but they were familiar with making pawpaw ice cream, so I went along with them. That was one of my fun pleasant memories with my parents.

I had been researching pawpaws for the past few years and had already seen that somebody suspected they could be a cancer treatment, but when I read this, I got the impression that it was all purely hypothetical at that point. Now that I am looking in alternative cancer forums, I see other people mentioning it. This particular forum I’m looking at is no good – usually people are making a post and nobody replies or there are one or two replies. I need to look in a better forum. But they reminded me about pawpaw.

The good thing about pawpaw: Nobody can accuse me of wasting any money. I can go collect twigs and bark in the middle of winter, although not leaves, without spending a penny. It would feel enjoyable to actively participate in collecting the cancer cure. The materials would all be extremely fresh, with their volatile chemicals still intact! That’s different when you order something or buy it in a bottle from the store. These would be freshly gathered materials that would be used right away.

I can’t be accused of wasting money, only of giving false hope.

I do remember where they were, but it will be harder to recognize them in winter. If I pull their twigs off and it smells like green peppers, then I know I’ve got the right one. We went on a long walk looking for pawpaw trees. I can go on that same path.

I’ll need a knife or something to cut off bits of bark and twigs.

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