16 January, 2017 03:17

I don’t know what to say about my mom after her death. I’ve known her 42 years. Magic Mom Fixes Everything is the overall feeling I have about her. I had a dream. All my dreams are mind control, but this one had a benevolent feeling associated with it. My dad in the dream wrote a short story, like his occasional blog emails. The whole text was shaped like a large tree or almost arrowhead shape, as in, center justified text with the sides gradually widening from the top and then narrowing to a trunk at bottom. It mentioned me and John. “Nicole noticed something” – but I forget what. This tree of text looked like it was in the front yard of our next door neighbor’s house in WV. I think it had white flowers and was not just text. At the bottom of the tree there were bushes surrounding the trunk. I don’t know if that’s a “joke” about pubic hair or what, at least, this was visible with a smaller tree that I ended up looking at, not the big tree anymore. The smaller tree was ragged and sickly looking and it stood right at the base of a house that was old and decrepit and maybe haunted looking. This tree was becoming less visible, blurring in the distance. I was talking in glossolalia chanting spells because I was in a scary room in a haunted house being surrounded by ghosts. I was terrified and couldn’t move. I think I walked around in this house at one point but I don’t remember anything. I think the large tree is Dad and the small one is Mom if that’s not obvious. The large tree still was close and had a lot of detail. The voices said it had nuances. Then they said he mentions you in the story because he loves you. Why was there so much importance placed on showing the base of the small tree surrounded by bushes? Was that me or Mom? They said the leaves grew down all the way to the bushes, and I know this is about hair. They were almost like weeping willow leaves. The shape was an arrowhead with a base.

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