Electronic harassment tricking people into believing in afterlife; ‘Adjustment Bureau’-type life manipulation

Warning: I am grouchy and hungry.

I’m reading this story which came up on a google search for ‘my mom died.’


This kind of petty, stupid shit is all easily done with electronic weapons. Oh, woo-woo! Electronic devices turning on by themselves!!! The article doesn’t say exactly how her new boyfriend/lover/soulmate died. It only says he went out for his usual bike ride, and that was all. I can only imagine he got hit by a car or something.

I think there is a large agenda, a global agenda, to prevent particular people from meeting their soulmates and falling in love. This was described in ‘The Adjustment Bureau.’ If you fall happily in love, then you will abandon your mission to accomplish the ‘great things’ that the life controllers want to force you to do. Happy people are not concerned with greatness. They are concerned with themselves. There is this belief that it’s horrible, horribly evil, the most horribly evil thing any person can ever do, to simply exist and be happy and enjoy a nice life while other people out there are suffering. You’re never entitled to be happy. If you fall in love and find simple happiness with a soul mate, they do something to take it away from you immediately. Her boyfriend was killed only two months after they got together.

Then, his death was used to manipulate her into believing in the afterlife and remaining attached to him so that she would not be able to move on in any way. Whatever she needed to do to cope with his death, they are not allowing her to do. Sometimes the mind
controllers have this paranoid delusion that their victims are going to instantly commit suicide if they are allowed the freedom to do as they will and make their own choices. If she had wanted to commit suicide after her boyfriend’s death – is it worth it, to trick her, to manipulate her, to stalk her, harass her, torture her, fill her with false beliefs, never let her alone – in an evil and unnatural way that her boyfriend would never have advocated in real life?

This is not her real boyfriend following her everywhere and making things move and putting images of daisies into her head and making her smell him. Yes, I have experienced electronic mind control forcing me to smell imaginary smells that are not there. She is being given the delusion that ‘I am special’ rather than ‘I am a victim of electronic harassment.’ I’m special because I can communicate with the dead, which I have been doing ever since childhood.

Note, the mind controllers are pedophiles – they start attacking children at a young age and manipulating them. I have seen youtube videos, if you search for ‘webcam capture’ or something like that – there was a girl talking about the pedophile ring on youtube, and that was how I found out about this – the one girl was either coached, or forced with mind control, to say something encoded that she never would have said on her own, ‘Your favorite candy, comin’ down below.’ That is a meaningless phrase for a child to say, but translates directly into pedophilia. People are forced to say these things through mind control ALL THE TIME, and when they force children to say these kinds of words, on a youtube video that the whole world can see, it encourages pedophiles to believe that these children are saying it themselves, spontaneously, and that they know what it means and they intend to say it and mean it – it gives them the belief that this child is consenting to be raped. She’s ‘offering herself voluntarily’ by ‘choosing’ to say ‘your favorite candy, comin’ down below.’

The person who posted this particular video froze the one frame where this girl inadvertently made a facial expression with a mouth open and eyes half closed, because they are all too stupid to understand and perceive microexpressions, they only perceive macroexpressions, so they are aroused by this shallow, gross (large-scale) facial expression which is unintended, meaningless, and does not express a real emotion, while ignoring the microexpressions and the context that expresses the true emotions. All that matters is that it LOOKS LIKE sexual arousal on the most superficial level.

I am hungry by the way – I had a cup of coffee (and sage) with the last of my change (except all the pennies). I do still have breadsticks and cheesy bread at home. I had a can of sardines last night – that was the one can of something I knew I still had. My stomach is growling now. Bread is an anti-nutrient that causes you to be even hungrier later on.

I’m going to be getting money from Dad so that I can rent a car, but it’s enough I’ll be able to get food. Also, I have a couple bucks left in food stamps money, just not much. I can go to the grocery store and get something with that. There are two church meals in town, one on Wednesday and one on Thursdays.

But anyway, my hunger is making me grouchier. When I get frustrated enough, I will go home and eat more cheesy bread. Or … peanut butter. Yuck. I do enjoy PB if it’s the good kind. I’m not sure if my trouble swallowing it is because of the hydrogenated vegetable oils in it and if it would be better to eat the real stuff. I got this stuff at the gas station, so I had no choice about which brand to buy. It’s just so much nicer when I can eat food while I’m here at the laundromat, instead of having to go home to eat more of my own food. I guess I could start packing up the last of that cheesy bread and stuff and taking it in my backpack.

Oh, anyway, so they mind-control little children at a very young age, forcing them to say things they wouldn’t have said, including such things as, ‘Mommy, I’m talking to grandma in heaven right now,’ and other stuff.

I’m not sure what kind of events would have to happen to reassure me that some psychic event was naturally occurring, rather than orchestrated by the mind control system. I would have to have A LOT of understanding about what exactly was being done by the mind controllers, and what might be being done by other controllers farther away (we are not ‘the only game in town,’ as the alien disclosure people say).

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