15 January, 2017 03:41

I’m tormented by insomnia now at 3am, but am unable to motivate myself to do anything useful. I don’t have any data minutes left so I have to blog by text message again. That means no title. There is some alien creature that whistled a rising whistle, chirped and made other high noises. It *could* be a bobcat, but I don’t know. They say bobcats and cougars make birdlike chirps. A YouTube video showed a bobcat chirping. I not only drank a 24 ounce coffee, I added sage powder to it. So my mental state was unusual. But there will be no motivation until I decontaminate the pesticides, and never get exposed to pesticides again, somehow, by living in an alternate universe where pesticides are never used. I had bread sticks and cheesy bread at home, and still have some left, with sauce – it was two whole ones they gave me yesterday. I not starving calorically, but my god, I hate bread. Tiny occasional quantities of bread are okay. I’ve eaten almost nothing but bread and sugar in some form for days, with dairy. Lots of pizza, and there was pizza at the church movie too, cookies, popcorn, soda, some raw carrots, the inedible cafe food on Thursday, and some of my own fruit and nuts, which are dwindling and are now in limited variety. If I would use the grill I could make noodles with fish sauce, but I refuse to sit out and use it in cold weather. Maybe if all else fails I will. I may have one or two surprises buried in bags, like the can of tuna I ate a couple weeks ago. I feel like there is another can of something but I forget what. I also have peanut butter, which I put on donated bread, but this gags me after a bite or two and I spit it out – this is a frequent occurrence with PB on bread. This is bad PB, mixed with vegetable oils and other bad ingredients. Hydrogenated. I prefer chunky PB with liquid oil that must be mixed in because it settles, with only 1 ingredient, peanuts. I was reading about underwater pyramids. They said you could see it on Google earth but that must be BS…

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