Shungite/Shugilite (my ‘Mandela Effect’ incident) black mineral tiles used for EMF shielding; ‘Shieldite’ is another; Kozyrev Mirrors made of aluminum

I want to try these things. I was trying to remember the name of a black mineral that was being used to line the walls of rooms to protect people from EMFs, and I finally found a reference that called it ‘shungite.’ But as soon as I saw that word, I remembered the word as ‘shugilite,’ not ‘shungite.’ So I googled that, but the Mandela Effect has erased that word from the memory of google, alas. Nowadays it’s called shungite instead. And my blog says shungite, when I did a search to see what I called it when I mentioned it before, earlier this year. I’m only joking about the mandela effect – I don’t really believe in it, not yet, anyway.

The Kozyrev Mirrors supposedly block enough EMF that you become able to focus mentally, and yet, they are totally open and won’t require any complicated air ventilation methods like an enclosed box would. People allegedly become able to focus mentally and are able to meditate and change their brain’s electromagnetic behavior in a way that is visible on scans, and become able to communicate

I don’t necessarily want to communicate telepathically. I just want to be able to use the mental process that I used to be able to use before the worst of the attacks began in 2003. I was able to focus enough to look into the future and imagine myself doing something, so strongly that I would then be able to go out and do it for real. Now, I can do only a pathetic shadow of what I used to be able to do.

If I ever get enough money that I can afford to buy these materials to do these tests – I will simply observe my own sensations and experiences – it doesn’t have to be ‘scientific.’ My own internal observations are sufficient data. If it helps me, if it works, then that’s enough evidence for me.

I actually observed a shielding effect when I went underground into the huge storm drain at the beginning of Walnut Springs Park here in State College; however, the air quality was horrible to the point of being dangerous – I felt like I was going to pass out, and I didn’t want to pass out and die there in the pipe without a helper nearby to drag my lifeless body out of there and revive me. There has to be a very good airflow, and no chemicals in the pools of water, and no rotting organic materials in there. I don’t know exactly what was in the toxic air. I only know that toxic air is a real danger for urban explorers who go into pipes.

But I did have a lot of mental quietness, except one particular voice that was still talking to me, but that particular voice was less disruptive than a lot of the other mental noise I experience. I do wish I could get away from that one as well, if I were going to meditate and try to do something.


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