Imagine deep sea creatures as intelligent aliens; strangers and acquaintances are supporting the ‘filthy habit’ of coffee drinking

I’ve seen descriptions of insectoids and other aliens that are more different from humans, but I imagine there must be aliens that are *extremely* different from humans. There could be water-breathing aliens. If you do a google search for ‘deep sea creatures,’ ‘deep sea fish,’ or something similar, you can see the terrifying and bizarre shapes of animals that really exist. Imagine them with intelligence and a civilization. There is a barreleye fish with a transparent head, for instance. There is the octopus, which is already known to be very intelligent. There could be aliens that don’t breathe water, but breathe other chemicals instead.

I will always love the book ‘A Deepness in the Sky,’ where the people studying the spider aliens were making efforts to humanize them in order to see them sympathetically, because their physical appearance made them very frightening.


It’s way too easy to get 24 ounce cups of coffee without money. I’m very distrustful when people help me out. I accept it, but with anxiety, knowing that there might be strings attached. There are a couple people over at Monte Carlo pizza who will give me free pizza. Yesterday they gave me some breadsticks that apparently were extra and were going to be thrown away or something, I don’t know why. The one guy has often just given me the slice of pizza for free if I go over there and attempt to order it and pay for it, but I don’t *always* get it for free – it kind of depends on circumstances. So I haven’t tried to go over there and then demand it for free. I only would do that if I had a backup plan. But there is another guy who comes over here to use the bathroom – they don’t have a bathroom over there in their side of the building – and he also is getting me free pizza, and sometimes just gives me a few bucks.

Yesterday this guy gave me a few bucks, so I bought one slice of pizza and had enough left over, with my own leftover change, to get a cup of coffee today. I also had the breadsticks today – they had cheese and sauce – so I don’t feel hungry. I really crave fruit juice, though. Fruit juice is one of my staple foods (when I am forced to always buy stuff from convenience stores and fast food places instead of grocery shopping and making food at home).

I felt anxious because I always know that when this person is helping me, it implies a relationship or a debt. He might expect something in return. I would definitely say no right now, because of being unclean. And that makes it feel even more unfair. I’m getting something and absolutely not giving anything back to him at all, ever.

My dad used to call my mom’s cigarette smoking her ‘filthy habit.’

When I went to the church last night, or the other night, or whenever it was – I am confused about time, because I stayed up very late – when I walked in there, looking lost, somebody in the hallway who was talking to another guy asked me if I was looking for the movie, or Al-Anon. I said I think I was looking for the movie, and for a minute, I couldn’t hear and understand what he was saying when he said Al-Anon. Alanon? It sounds like some beautiful foreign name. Like Aladdin. Or Camelot, a beautiful town or city. Am I looking for Alanon? I don’t know. I was confused and didn’t really know how to answer him for a minute. ‘I think I’m looking for the movie, right here,’ I said. ‘The Song of Bernadette?’ he asked. ‘Are you sure you’re not looking for Alanon?’ ‘Yeah, I’m going to the movie,’ I said, after I finally figured out he meant Alcoholics Anonymous.

It was ironic because I am off the wagon, and the voices have been encouraging me (somewhat – not always) – tonight I was considering buying a bottle of juice with the money I had, but the voices suggested coffee. Caffeine use isn’t normally viewed as an addiction, but if you ever try to quit it completely, including chocolate, tea, coffee, soda, and any other forms of caffeine or similar drugs like theobromine and theophylline (both of which turn into caffeine inside the body while they are being metabolized), only then do you realize just how powerfully addictive it is, and how hard it is to avoid it, socially.

If an alien spacecraft landed, with water-breathing aliens inside, would they be able to get out and walk around on land at all? What kinds of spacesuits would they have to wear to enable them to do that? Would their legs be strong enough to stand them up on land? Would their bodies be balanced in a way that would let them walk? Would they have to crawl? Would they have wheels, or artificial robotic legs? Would they have to use a reverse scuba tank, filled with water that was being oxygenated (or filled with whichever gas they needed to absorb)?

Obviously, they could just land in the water, of course, but to be really hardcore explorers, they would want to explore the land, too, just as humans explore the deep sea.

They would be extremely vulnerable and dependent, just as we are when we are underwater.

I can imagine them walking up out of the surf on the beach, all these people coming up out of the water wearing suits. They would not look like ‘people’ and would not have ‘legs’ unless they were artificial ones, and if they were, it might be easier to put them on four legs instead of two. How tall would they be? Could they be whale-sized? Could they be like a giant squid? I am imagining peaceful, vulnerable explorers who are not attacking us or invading us, intelligent people who want to communicate with us and study us and explore the land. Even if they are gigantic and terrifying, all of those things would still describe them.

If it’s made into a movie, I want it to be puppets/robots instead of CGI. I prefer it when the actors are interacting with a physical object that they can really see and touch. ‘The Dark Crystal’ was a really good movie with puppet-robot characters, before computer graphics. However, it would be difficult to make extremely large puppets, I understand. We’d have to do some reasonably sized ones.

People are less interested in aliens that are completely different and completely alien, because there is no ‘love interest’ in the movie. You can’t fall in love sexually with a creature that is horrifying or too big or too small or physically too different to relate to. You can only have sexual attraction to aliens that at least slightly resemble the human form. So, in a movie with small aliens coming up out of the ocean, we could only interact with them like we interact with ‘pets,’ and love them for their cuteness or want to protect them. There are limits to how we can interact with them. We wouldn’t even be able to touch them very much if they had to have certain parts of their body surrounded with water inside a container. They would have to be sort of an intellectual friendship where you treat someone with respect even though they are ‘small and cute’ or ‘huge, terrifying, and revolting.’

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