Real pizzas delivered to Senate is newsworthy

This is probably deliberate, now that I’m paying attention to pizzagate. The news media wants us to know that the senators are eating REAL PIZZA, just to make sure we understand that Podesta is talking about pizza when he receives an email from someone saying ‘the realtor found a handkerchief and I wondered if it was yours. It has a map on it that seems to be pizza-related,’ and the response was ‘Nothing to worry about.’ We’re talking about pizzas.

Those are a bunch of actual pizzas! I wonder if they cost $50,000 and were delivered from Indiana? Or wherever and however much it was that they allegedly spent on pizzas and hot dogs being delivered from some faraway state. Show us more photos of government eating real pizzas just to make sure we understand that they eat real pizzas too!

2 Responses to “Real pizzas delivered to Senate is newsworthy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Google Madeleine McCann and Podesta….

    Take a look at the eyewitness sketches.

    Then realize it was a rental gone wrong.


  2. Nicole Says:

    Yeah… I’ve seen the McCann/Podesta/sketches thing too. Rental gone wrong?

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