some connections to pizzagate musicians – INTP females, airy, wispy, weak, sad

I was looking at the list of people who performed there at Comet Pizza and decided to look at one of them on youtube, and for once, it wasn’t Majestic Ape. It was ‘cake for all creatures’ or something like that. These bands all had recommended videos that were all connected and all similar in the style, and all of them are INTP females. They have a style which is weak and airy, lacking strength. I recognize this musical style. There was the ‘free cake for all creatures’ band, another one called ‘Daughter,’ and I can’t remember them all – basically, all the recommended videos on the right side. It doesn’t matter. I just recognize which type they are and I know the style. I think James Alefantis is INTP.

I have my own musical style, and I don’t want to have that airy weakness – that is not me. Mine is something else. I have written a variety of songs in Reason – some of them were a strong joy, some of them were a doubtful unpleasantness, some of them were trying to find sadness. But I want strength, and the energetic dance, not wispiness, not airiness, not weakness. I want energy and life. But there is also grief.

I had these feelings of kind of liking a lot of the songs on this connection, but at the same time feeling impatient with that weakness and airiness. Just weak, airy, and sad, over and over and over again. Always the same thing. My strength – it is not the same as the loud songs that are so loud you can’t hear anything, it is a different kind of strength. I haven’t had enough chances to write songs to be able to demonstrate this or show exactly what it is.

Remember – I’m going to go back on the wagon. This was one 24 ounce cup of coffee. Coffee only works the first time you drink it. It never will work again.

I’m 42, but I have all of the songs still in me. I just need the chance to write music again.

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