I’m at home; fish sauce for dinner; why does pizzagate interest me?

I won’t be able to write the last answer on my phone. It’s too long. The short answer about pizzagate is that we are actually seeing the actual words that these people say, rather than just the summary the media would have provided: "Child trafficking ring discovered. The end." There is a huge difference when you actually can go to a web page and see the internet detectives in the process of researching all the people and their connections. You can go to web pages and see copies of all the horrible things written in these people’s instagram, twitter, etc accounts, in plain sight (although you can only see archived copies now). When you actually see WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE SAYING, it has an enormous emotional impact that is not there when you get the media’s short summary. Words are so cold, neutral and emotionless when all they do is quickly summarize what happened and then move on. You are able to actually see these people in the process of committing crimes and see the cryptographic people trying to guess what their codes mean and you can get this awareness of how this whole case is progressing over time.

It was only because it had a catchy name – I like pizza too, literal pizza, so I was curious about a scandal having to do with pizza. It seemed like it was kind of a joke at first, but it’s deadly serious. As soon as I saw the artwork that these people liked, I recognized all of it, this whole spirit – I battled this evil in the year 2000 when my problems with computer hacker harassment began. I can’t rewrite all that here from my phone.

The people who do this, as a whole, the group, are the same people who are committing crimes against me personally. I know how it feels to have a secret taboo crime that nobody acknowledges is real.

Oh, the Russian hacker cover story is probably for the purpose of protecting whichever insiders leaked the info about the emails, I guess. I just realized that last night.

I’m not sending this through text, but rather through email over the phone, because I have data left to connect to the net at home right now.

I ate a small amount of the fish sauce I bought a couple months ago. I’m paranoid about it, but all the sources say it lasts for years at room temperature. It’s extremely salty. I am going back into coffee withdrawal but can’t feel it yet – no headache or anything. The coffee suppressed my appetite yesterday, but made me hungrier today.

The other thing that makes pizzagate interesting is, the characters involved, the criminals, are interesting people – several of them could be accurately described as "batshit crazy" (James Brock was described that way). These people actually are the elites practicing satanic rituals that everyone has been talking about. They REALLY DO actually worship Satan and demons and all that. It’s different when you see it, versus have someone just tell you,(short summary) "They worship Satan." I’ve read this millions of times but it was never believable until I see something like the YouTube video "Chapel Perilous" by James Alefantis (the central pizzagate suspect) and it’s got "Sun ARAW" as the name of a band (Son of Ra, someone with divine right to rule), Ra the ram-headed god, and people have horns in this video – These people are immersing themselves in this philosophy, this theosophy, belief system, and are using it as an excuse to murder people. They murder because they want to, but the mythology rationalizes it. I could not believe these claims until I actually saw them doing it. Anyway, people who are batshit crazy are more interesting than just a run of the mill criminal. There is this "What the fuck???" factor going on. What new insanity will turn up next?

I like watching thousands of internet sleuths hunting these people down, because it gives me hope that maybe, someday, people will disclose the electronic mind control and name the names of the people involved, and, just like this, there will be outrage, public outrage, as they deserve. People react emotionally to children more than to adults, but that’s fine – the mind controllers torture children too. These are the same sort of people doing this – batshit crazy with absolutely no sense of reality. It will be possible to say, "Look at these mind controllers zapping kids" and get public outrage. Or that’s what I hope, as I watch this scandal unfold. I want the same to happen to the mind control scandal because it affects me personally. I want them to show photos of mind control weapons. I want them to show instagram accounts where these assholes shamelessly brag about what they are doing. Ha ha, I just zapped this lady across the street and made her get thrown in a mental hospital, haw haw haw! I want to see the same public outrage directed at them.

I don’t know what I will do tomorrow. I slept today because I was up all night after the coffee. I need to do a lot more things and run errands and make phone calls.


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