“Green Spaces for DC” associated with pedophile ring

I already complained about the ‘Green Spaces’ groups, which
deliberately oppose the planting of fruit trees for the purpose of preventing people from going outside and freely picking fruits off trees, but instead forcing people to buy food from faraway farmers and make those farmers profitable. This also makes people less
self-reliant and prevents people from learning where food comes from. This prevents children from being independent, and forces them to rely on adults, because they are not allowed to work for themselves and have no way to obtain food.

Strange that this came up when I was reading about pizzagate. I had lumped the ‘Green Spaces’ groups under ‘Nakrivich,’ my made up word for ‘all that is evil in society.’


It was in that discussion where they were piecing together various people’s names and connections to organizations.

Anything that forces children to be dependent on adults makes it easier for pedophiles to control them.

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