9 January, 2017 17:35

If I’m going to keep ranting in text messages, I’m gonna have to go to the laundromat soon to charge this battery. My parents would disagree with all of how I spend my money even if I weren’t giving some money to jesse. I buy organic dried fruits and nuts, and to my parents, organic food is by definition inherently a scam that instantly makes my purchase invalid and unjustified. If I want dried fruits and nuts, I must endure factory farmed raisins and peanuts, two gag-inducing foods that I cannot choke down and always avoid, just because they’re cheap. My parents have sometimes kept dried fruit, but it was sulfured, not organic, with colors, flavors, sugar, preservatives, etc added to the mix. I buy things like dried strawberries (funny, I hate them when they’re fresh – too sour), for about $8 a bag, and ate the whole bag in a day. But usually they last a lot longer. I have a lot of variety – unsulfured organic apricots, organic walnuts, pecans, raw sunflower seeds, organic cranberries, and a few other things I’ve forgotten. Always variety, never just the disgusting default cheap peanuts-raisins mix. I avoid peanuts and raisins like the plague. I am capable of eating them without instant death, but that is all. So I can just imagine my parents seeing how I haven’t got much money yet I still stubbornly refuse peanuts and raisins. I really compromised by getting that lemonade and cereal though. I can’t really cook pasta easily because I’m not sitting outside using my grill in 8 degree weather. And annoyingly, even though I’ve been eating less and feeling sensations of cravings, my new roll of fat hasn’t lost an ounce yet. The fat layer that suddenly appeared out of nowhere last summer. Totally unchanged. I have never experienced such a stubborn layer of fat in my whole life. Always, I can fix it, like by quitting dairy products. Not this time! I am now one of those people who struggle with ten or twenty extra pounds that absolutely won’t budge, for reasons unknown, but this is just the beginning of the battle.

2 Responses to “9 January, 2017 17:35”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am praying for your mother and father and hoping john can reunite the family.

    My “Friday Night” project worked out quite beautifully. I wanted to restart the old fan from the basement of this 1880 house to bring the hot air up from the basement. The wiring from the recycled blower fan had broken and while the basement was in the nineties the kitchen was in the teens. I had rewired the replacement blower fan from the old oil burner in the trailer unto the floor vent but it was a straight wired job were you plug it in and it runs full tilt. So I thought “dimmer switch”…

    A 2 dollar dimmer switch is now attached via a 2 dollar plug to a 4 dollar extension cord. I walked into Lowes to investigate the possibilities and found a switch for $2 that was “broken” because it lost it’s button…

    I can pump the warm air from the basement upstairs quietly or at full boar, at my choosing.

    The road is paved with TAR, not silver or gold. Every empire is built with sweat and blood not money.



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Green grass and high tides…


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