9 January, 2017 16:22

Sorry I can’t put titles on the ones I send through text messages. Okay. Where do I start? I might need more than one 1000 word post. I made a phone call to ask about a free test for STDs, and yes, there is one, but I must wait till the 19th. I am having vaginal itching like crazy and a fountain of liquid is coming out. From Stefan. It soaked my underwear and soaked all the way through to the outside of my thick sweatpants as though I were peeing my pants. My groin lymph node is still swollen. I absolutely have an STD. I was unable to have sex with Chris the other day although I did oral sex as an alternative, and explained the whole Stefan thing the next day. Chris hasn’t been sexually aggressive at all, but requested for me to massage his neck, which is how it started. He’s on prozac again, and off adderall, but he was able to ejaculate in spite of the prozac. He’s not on Abilify anymore and not on an “opioid blocker” or something anymore. Anyway, I am only able to make a small number of phone calls and errands at a time. I told Myro that I wasn’t leaving till the 28th, but she doesn’t want me to come back. I have nuts and seeds and dried fruits in the tent, so I will not suffer instant caloric starvation, but I am basically out of money and have to go to the food stamps office. I am just marveling at the timing of it all, the simultaneity. This is called “when it rains, it pours.” This had to happen in January, the middle of winter. I am mostly hibernating, literally, in my sleeping bag for days at a time. I am not in any danger – I am extremely warm when it’s only 8 degrees outside. But I am EXTREMELY INCONVENIENCED. I will have to ride my bike to the food stamps office in the freezing cold. John and I were talking about moving my belongings to my parents’ house to stay, but I cannot sort anything in winter cold. So it’s still a lot of stuff. And I don’t really want to miss Jesse who comes home on Feb.4, although I need to cure my STD first. The simultaneity, the synchronicity, the confluence of these events!

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