8 January, 2017 19:02

I’m in the tent right now. I talked to mom and they’re still waiting for info about her cancer, but they drained some fluid from the tumor in her abdomen and are helping her eat solid food. I told Maki Yaki that I don’t know when I might leave, and she refused to schedule me; however, I have a tentative date and will call her and see if I can work now that I have that. I have a million appointments and stuff to do. I need to call a clinic for STD testing and I need to find a place that will do it for free. I stayed at Chris’s house yesterday after giving Mike $100 for the stolen check. But I left yesterday evening and didn’t stay a second night, because Chris seems to go into withdrawal every night, maybe from his morning meds, and is desperately craving drugs all night long. I suggested he try doing half his pill in the morning and half at night to stop the withdrawal. He is inconsolable during these cravings and he starts scheming to get money for weed or cocaine or crack. I cannot help with money, so I left. I told him what happened with Stefan, and he saw it as something with potential to swindle money: Nicole needs money, can you help? I am not involved. This is why I never donate to any charity unless I see a detailed record of what every penny is used for. Chris’s “Nicole Charity” is drug money. He needs to try eating hemp seed as a substitute for marijuana, and coca leaf tea as a substitute for processed cocaine, but I am so poor I can’t even afford to buy hemp seed for him. I nibbled hemp seed and observed a strong drug effect from it. It is cheap and legal. Coca leaf tea might be harder to obtain. I don’t know if you can order it online and deliver it here. I noticed, on another topic, that “The Disclosure Project” on YouTube features mostly ISTPs with a few ESTJs. Apparently the Delta quadra disvalues secrecy. The interviewer, Steven Greer? might be a Delta NF. I find him creepy in a way though. Where are my non-creepy duals? I like Gotye, the singer, thought to be an ENFP.

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