Accuweather said it went to 11 degrees or something last night, 10 degrees right now. I’m still camping.

I slept in the tent last night, although I was at the laundromat really late watching videos online. When I went home to sleep, I kept my coat on and I added all the blankets I had, and I also had blue insulation inside the sleeping bag wrapped around me, the camping mat things that you’re supposed to put under you. I have some under the sleeping bag as well, between me and the ground.

I was only cold for a little while, but I could feel that it was warming up. If I feel that it isn’t warming up over time, that’s when I know there’s a problem – there’s not enough insulation and I need more. The only thing that’s difficult is breathing the air. I don’t like my nose being exposed and cold, so I try to keep it as deeply inside the sleeping bag as I can, while still being able to get fresh air. Then, after a while, even that didn’t matter anymore – I became quite hot and eventually took my coat off. I have a lot of layers on.

I was looking at the weather report right now and it said it’s 10 degrees right now. I was outside only a little while ago and it hardly felt like it was that cold. I don’t have an outdoor
thermometer around here – mine is in my tent, and it didn’t go anywhere near that low in the tent. I don’t know where the
Accuweather thermometer is located, but wherever it is, it seems to be colder than my location.

Either that, or I am just taking it for granted that I am able to easily sleep through very cold nights down in the teens and single digits. That sort of amazed me for a minute. In the beginning when I first started camping in my car, I didn’t know what it would be like, but now, I’ve done it a few times before so I know. I’ve camped through three winters, and this will be the fourth. Four winters – I know that there really aren’t a huge number of nights when it drops down into the single digits. Only a few, and only for a little while.

The only difficulty is breathing with a cold nose, and that problem fixes itself after your whole body gets hot inside the sleeping bag. I only accept hotness, not chilliness, not lukewarmness. If I am not HOT inside the sleeping bag, baking hot and uncomfortably sweaty, then it is not hot enough for my liking. I will not tolerate being the slightest bit cold while camping, and if I am not baking hot, then I will go to Wal-Mart and buy more blue insulation and more sleeping bags.

Everyone thinks that I’m cold while I’m camping in the winter. I’m probably warmer in my sleeping bag than a lot of people are in their beds. In fact when I sleep in a bed I often feel cold and feel like there aren’t enough blankets, if I am a guest at someone else’s house or at a hotel. Hotel blankets are notoriously thin and ineffective, so I crank the heater all the way up – how wasteful! If only they had effective blankets they could save money on heat.

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