Mom’s got cancer really badly. She just called me today.

She said she’s been having problems for the past couple months, dry heaving a lot. There’s something wrong with her stomach, some kind of cancer. She said she mistakenly thought it was sickness from the ibuprofen she was taking for a shoulder injury after she moved a bunch of heavy logs or tree stumps or something in the backyard. I know ibuprofen makes me sick at my stomach too, so that makes sense that she would think it was from that. She called me from the hospital today and I just now called her back. I want to visit her but she is busy waiting for the next couple days to get more information, and after that she might be more open to a visit. She has Dad with her but doesn’t want other people there and is in a lot of pain and discomfort.

That would explain why they didn’t send me the $200 that they’ve recently been giving me every month, and I’m not going to demand it. They’ve been worried about this. I want to find some other way to get money. I do have a tiny bit on my food stamps card, and cash from them as well, and I just got that card working properly the other day, finally – I went out there to the office and told them it wasn’t working and it was because I never called a number I was supposed to call to activate it, so somebody eventually just deactivated it. They gave me a new one and I activated it.

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