Hernia, if I hear one little peep out of you…

…I’ll go to the hospital. I’m in the bed right now and don’t have much time before someone gets here, but basically, I felt, for an instant, the ‘I am dying’ sensation. I don’t mean all of me, I mean part of me. It was a terrible, unbearable, weary sadness and grief. I will tell what happened later. I just need to check that it isn’t constricted. So I’m here at the emergency room. The pain is not severe; I’m eating and pooping; but I just had some weird sensations today. I was going to make an appointment to see a non-emergency doctor, and actually went to Centre Volunteers in Medicine to sign up today. But that’s not enough when I feel weird sensations.

‘Weary sadness’ is the death sensation. I have seen it in the eyes of dead animals.


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