Non-surgical alternative: I pushed my hernia sideways and it went back in

10:10 PM 12/30/2016

Okay, after doing some google image searches, I became extremely confident that it was indeed a hernia for sure. I guess it would be called an ‘inguinal’ hernia on the right side. Also, I had first assumed it was from having sex that one day because I was in a slightly unusual position during part of it, and it might have been, but also, something else happened. I was lifting my bike up the hill into the woods, and at one point, I slipped and fell while carrying the bike, so I was holding a heavy load in my arms, and then suddenly jerked forward and landed on the ground. It could have been that incident that gave me the hernia, too, and in terms of time, it correlated better – I only had this hernia or rather noticed it for the last two or three days, not very long, and that’s about how long ago I fell while lifting the bike. It could have been the combination of those two incidents. Maybe the sex started it off or got it into position, and then the bike incident pushed it out more forcefully.

Whichever. In the big scheme of things, it was an *extremely* tiny and minor hernia. I had only noticed it because, like I said, I was lying in bed and then I raised my right leg into a particular position and felt as though, maybe, my underwear fabric had pinched my skin. I had this same exact thing happen the next night when I was in bed, again, and I reached down to try to adjust my underwear and felt this extremely small lump under the skin there.

So tonight, after I went home from hanging out with Steve – I only drank some herbal tea! – I prepared to take a nap. But I did some weird movements and palpations first.

If it’s possible for midwives to change the position of a badly positioned baby in the womb, then I was sure it was possible to palpate this hernia back into place. When learning about hernias I remember my parents having mentioned that some people were able to simply push them back in.

I thought maybe if I laid backwards with my feet elevated higher than my head, and then moved around while palpating the hernia, maybe gravity would help pull it upwards into my abdomen. So I tried that for a while and moved my pelvis slowly into different positions to find out where it seemed that the bulging was the smallest. Then I pushed firmly on the lump, but not enough to cause pain. If it hurt, I stopped. I was just trying to understand exactly where it was and where it was able to move.

I kept pressing directly inwards, straight down, but that wasn’t fixing it. No matter how much I pressed straight down, I kept noticing that the lump was still there.

I gave up on the feet-elevated position after only a minute just because it was tiring and I wasn’t sure if it was necessary. I laid down to rest and got comfortable in the sleeping bag.

Then I got into some positions again, but just with my head elevated and my feet lower (the sleeping bag is on kind of a slant). I moved my pelvic bones into various positions, while raising or lowering my legs into various positions, pressing down on the hernia to see if it ever seemed smaller or more movable in some position.

Then I found a place where I was able to make it move. It was a very weird sensation. I was able to make it move *sideways*, not straight down inwards. I moved it to the left, gradually, by pressing my fingers down inside my body against the right pelvis bone.

I moved it a little bit, and then stopped palpating and just relaxed for a few minutes, because there had been a definite change, and I wanted to see what would happen. I had only moved it just a tiny bit, but it was still there.

Something settled in my intestines – after a few minutes of lying down, there was a sharp, stabbing pain which was very brief, a flush of electricity that rose upwards like I was going to vomit, and then a spreading warmth from around the lower right part of my abdomen. It was disturbing, so I observed it for a few minutes until it went away.

I palpated again, after resting a while, and felt that it was still there but it had changed a little bit. So, once again, I moved my pelvic bones and legs into different positions while pressing gently, and then, in one particular position where it felt okay, I pressed my fingers against the inner surface of my pelvic bone again and moved the hernia towards the left. It moved, once again, a disturbing sliding of the large lump. I moved it as much as I could. It didn’t hurt to move it that direction.

After that it seemed like the lump was almost completely gone. I laid there and rested, and had a whole lot more sensations – the flash of electricity upwards making me feel like I would vomit, another quick stabbing pain, and the spreading warmth. The ‘flashing’ sensations repeated themselves a bunch more times. I just rested for a little while.

Then I felt like I needed to fall asleep. There was a sensation of some relief, and things felt different down in the area where the hernia had been. I am not 100% sure that it is completely gone, never to open up again no matter what, so I will keep palpating it over the next few days, and if it emerges again, I will know at least which direction it has to be moved to go back in. I want it to close up enough that it doesn’t come back out at all, but I don’t know how loose the hole is that it came through. The lump is either gone, or else I can’t really find it, or else it is so much smaller that I can’t feel it. Whatever I did, it gave me weird sensations in my abdomen that went on intermittenly for quite a few minutes while I was resting.

I also had a moment where there was a disgusting smell or taste that came from deep inside my body, a rotten poop kind of smell, which I tasted kind of in my throat, but I remember reading that there are taste buds (or maybe smell receptors?) inside your digestive system, and it felt like this smell came from very deep inside.

I felt as though my body was colder and I felt like my blood pressure was low. The body probably thought I had a major intestinal injury if some object was touching and moving my intestines around, so it probably was assuming I would need low blood pressure. I just rested calmly, and gradually became very comfortably warm in my multiple sleeping bags. Then, I did actually fall asleep.

I will watch it for the next few days.

I just went up the hill to the laundromat with a bag of laundry, pushing my bike. I can feel that it is definitely very different now. I still feel a little bit of pain in that area, and I can feel it when I cough – it puts pressure there when I cough. I keep coughing and have been coughing for weeks. I cough every time the air gets slightly cold again, and stop coughing when it’s warm outside. However, what I feel now is very different from what it felt like yesterday and the day before. I have definitely changed the position of the hernia greatly. It just still feels slightly vulnerable. I will keep checking it to see if it comes out again, but this time, I will know already what direction to push it to make it go back. It has to go sideways. It’s on the right, and I have to push it leftwards towards my navel. I had originally been trying to just push it directly *into* my stomach, but it wouldn’t move.

I *really* did not want to get surgery if it were at all avoidable. I looked it up, and they said something about inserting a piece of plastic mesh there to block it from coming out again. I absolutely do not want MORE non-removable pieces of plastic inserted into my body leaching chemicals that cause erectile dysfunction, breast pain, and decreased intelligence, like my plastic dental fillings are already doing.

3 Responses to “Non-surgical alternative: I pushed my hernia sideways and it went back in”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “slightly unusual position ”

    You fucking cock tease!

    Cum on now we want DETAILS!!!!!

    At least give a video!




    PS- I had what they call a “sports hernia” due to repetitive motion at work, I went to Scott the MGR due to excruciating pain and said I was not sure if I could work the next night. He forced me to telex-report it as a workman’s comp issue and tried to make me go to their DRX. I went to my regular Dr. the following day and yup as I already knew from self examination it was not a “Turn your head and cough.” hernia, but rather a “sports”. Apparently the distinction is in protuberance.

    Repetitive stress on the abdominal muscles can cause a weak spot in the wall vs. a tear in the wall which protrudes.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I actually did end up describing the position in more detail in my blog today. It was kind of a modified doggy style.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Hmm, okay, so there’s a difference between a hernia that comes through an actual hole, versus a hernia that’s just bulging through a ‘thin’ area that isn’t really a hole. I never thought of that. Maybe that’s why mine feels funny and it’s hard to understand where it’s coming from.

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