artificial sun

I’ve just had a horrible sci-fi vision. It sounds so stupid, evil, and insane that it’s actually believable, because I am cynical and I know that stupidity, evil, and insanity are to be expected. They will build an artificial sun that will light the polar regions during winter for the purpose of maximizing economic productivity of the slaves. They will melt all the ice, destroy all the wildlife, and make it impossible to live as a hunter gatherer there, and will turn it all into conventional farms and cities. The artificial sun will be put up without our consent, and it will fail to resemble real sun, while also causing harmful effects worse than the sun. It will be a satellite that we can’t take down, and the government will ignore all complaints and objections. It will open up the polar regions to global slavery and exploitation, and will prevent all attempts at subsistence living by destroying all that useless biodiversity and all those animals people are hunting, so they have no choice but to pay money for farm food and can’t be excused from slavery. This idea came to me because I was frustrated by my own lack of productivity during winter. Productivity above all other considerations!!! For everyone! It sounds totally real.


4 Responses to “artificial sun”

  1. Anonymous Says:

  2. Nicole Says:

    Oh, have you ever tried this yourself?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In this world these assholes won’t play!


    Fantasy aside trolls have to get paid…

    Gladly for us they never get laid.


  4. Nicole Says:

    In that latest post, the one about the vision of Terra, I love everything about that except for the fact that I cannot make peace with the idea of not eating meat. That one particular thing is always the conflict I have with people talking about rising to higher vibratory levels spiritually.

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