the shittiness of this day is just a pile of shit on top of a bigger pile of shit

Sorry, but it is. I have a lot of stuff to complain about, and I don’t even think I’m going to actually complain about it right now.

Is John Rappoport *really* calling the Clintons on his red phone in his bathtub safe space with a rubber ducky in his hand, or is that fake news? This tweet was the only thing that made me laugh today.

I’m on my way to the bank because I finally got to tell Chris’s roommate Mike about the weird check that I shouldn’t have deposited, so he and I are going to go to the bank and talk to them about it, and he wanted to do it as soon as possible, which means I have to get up early in the morning on a night when I couldn’t sleep well. The wind was blowing a lot last night, flapping my tent tarp around and making a lot of noise and making the trees creak. I’m not in an ideal place because I moved my tent in a hurry after the police incident. I prefer to be away from particular types of trees that tend to fall more often than other trees.

Not only that, but some demon is roaming the woods at night
disemboweling medium sized animals and leaving their guts strewn right across the bike path. I do not know what this demon is, but I am going to assume it might be a bobcat or possibly a fox. I have thought we have bobcats here before and I thought that I have heard them screaming/meowing, but I’m not sure. The other night I stayed at the laundromat until almost dawn, and realized I was kind of afraid to go home before daylight. Even though all the youtube videos show cute friendly bobcats being kept in the house as pets and purring and being silly, I would not really want to confront an animal that, they say, can get to be as large as a German shepherd, in the middle of the woods at night during the time of year when they are very hungry. I’m pretty sure I once saw one at night on Mt. Nittany, and it was very very weird looking – it just has a lump of a tail, but still has a cat shaped body and catlike walk. I only saw its silhouette under the yellow street lamp from a hundred feet away, and it ran off.

Steve called last night – not Stefan, but Steve – and I’m going to meet him and go out to eat somewhere today, but I warned him I’m not drinking coffee anymore. We always would go out someplace and get me some coffee. Maybe he’ll cheer me up a bit. It truly has been a shitty series of events, which have just piled up bigger and bigger over the last few weeks, one disaster after another. I hope this trend turns around soon.


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